Two new fragrances for Summer from Moschino and Lancome

by Katie on April 18, 2010

Two new fragrances dropped through my letter box last week from two of the beauty business’ biggest names – Lancome and Moschino.

Lancome have long established their credentials in fragrance, first launching in 1935 with long forgotten fragrances with names alluding promise such as Kypre and Tendre Nuit…gosh how I’d love to try those. Long forgotten fragrances are my passion and it’s these that spur my interest to discover new classics and niche and iconic fragrances of today – one day, it’ll be tomorrow and these, too, will be looked back at with fondness.

Lancome’s new unveiling, ‘Tresor in Love’ isn’t so much as an unexpected surprise or wake up call but a youthful extention of Tresor; the existing popular fragrance first cretaed in 1990 by Sophia Grojsman and one of the USA’s top selling fragrances since then. Classed as a floral rose violet, Tresor’s top note is famously fruity with peach skin and apricot top notes. To extend the timelessness and extend the fragrances appeal to a new more youthful audience, Lancome tasked perfumiers, Dominique Ropion and Veronique Nyberg, with a new modern vision of the fragrance. They said, “We wanted to create a crisp, light-fillled fragrance that simply radiates modernity.” What they have done is lighten the fragrance to a soften, even more girly and romantic appeal. This is the perfect fragrance that a bourgeois mother would gift her daughter – romantic, approachable, fragrant and pretty – not one to incite raunchiness, daring or sexiness. This is a fragrance that wears a pretty floral dress not rock child leather jackets.

Described as a ‘hymn to love’ and fronted by Isabella Rossellini’s daughter, Elettra, ‘Tresor In Love’ opens with a fruity, fresh and radiant top notes of nectarine, bergamot and tangy pear warmed with spicy pink peppercorn, a popular trend for spicing things up. Powdery talc tinkles through with hints of peach and violet. It’s the middle notes that are noticeable – jasmine and rose essence oils hint at mountains of crushed petals. The bottle is sleek, tall and with a black corsage at the neck, just like the woman it’s designed for. It’s perfect for an ultra feminine dressing table of the girly girl with grace and deportment. This is a girl who expects to be romanced with bells on. Pretty, Parisienne in feel and, well, if push to comes to shove, prissy, young mlle is the epitome of the romantic (not minxy or punky) good daughter. She’s the girl who always did her homework but still didn’t cut grade A’s (like some of her more risque frineds) as she’s destined for a well heeled ‘looked after’ life. In short, ‘Tresor in Love’ is the Katie Melua of fragrances, certainly not the Peaches Geldof or Amy Winehouse. The scent’s pleasantness (and no doubt, future popularity) cannot be disputed but it’s not overridingly distinctively different enough to be distanced from it’s grown up elegant mother, Tresor.

Moschino’s ‘Toujours Glamour’ was a pleasant surprise. Firstly, the bottle is tactile – heart shaped,it fits into the palm of your hand perfectly. The surprise is the luxurious silver top half of the bottle that glimmers – tres chic and cheek. The lilac cap is a nice design touch and emphasises the ‘lilacness’ of this fragrance. There’s something ‘fairy tale’ and Hansel and Gretel about this little design touch.

‘Toujours Glamour’ bursts with freshness in a good way. All hearts and flowers, violet energy strikes the senses, sweet but not cloyingly sharp. Add sparkling red berries to warm things up and we have an immediate arrest to the senses. Like a walk through a city centre park, it’s uplifting and beguiling. The added unexpected cardamom note livens things up. The heart of this heart shaped fragrance is exuberant jasmine and gentle shades of muguet made precious by a bitter almond touch. This girl’s sensuality and cheekiness comes through in the benzoin wrapped in heliotrope notes with a caress of musk – florientally and mischievously subversive. This is a fragrance that’s deigned for a girl in her twenties but an older woman wouldn’t feel at all uncomfortable wearing it as it’s engaging enough. Young, precocious and vibrant with an edge, the fragrance is fronted by Australian model, Agoston O’Connor. When you think of this fragrance, think Pixie Lott or Alexa Chung. It’s a scent for festivals, fun and frolics in the sun – all happiness and hipness – a pretty purple haze.

Both ‘Toujours Glamour’ and ‘Tresor in Love’ are available from all good department stores. Tresor in Love is £42 for 50ml. Toujours Glamour is £40 for 50ml and is available from 23rd May from Harrods exclusively and 6th June, nationwide.
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