Are you a Monster or a Robot?

by Katie on May 23, 2010

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Recently, I was invited to along to the Joystick Junkies’ latest fashion shoot for their new collection.

To explain, this event like others they have which include picnics, parties and meet-ups are more akin to the owners, workers and friends of the business meeting up and having fun rather than the straight business of fashion…which is kind of a good way to be in these mean, economic boomed and bust times.

If you don’t know of them already and you should, Joystick Junkies is trendy little t-shirt and accessories business, that’s a funky and fun filled fashion testament to the video games and digital culture that rocks JJ’s world. Aimed primarily at the 18-35 age grouping, this little ball of energy business is inspired by the influence, energy and styles of the 1970’s and the bold colours and attitude of the 80’s.

This season, the presiding question is ‘Are you a Monster or a Robot?’, based on the clumpy but cute pixel space invaders. I chose the latter (although anyone seeing me bleary eyed with wild hair and stumbling at 6.00am in the morning may quibble with my choice).

I now have a rather cute Robot accessory for my designer bag to prove I’m till ‘down the kidz’. Which leads me to the fact that the Junkies have teamed up with accessories company Exspect and have launched a range of mobile and gaming accessories including headphones, iPhone and iPad covers, all with the Joystick Junkies distinctive gaming influence at their core. With Pac Man’s 30th Anniversary currently being celebrated on Google, the Junkies know a good thing when they see it.

The company has the official license to produce designs for Atari…right up the strasse of boys obsessed with consoles, iconic video gaming and pop culture. One of my favourites, though, is the pirate fright skull and the ‘We can be Heroes’ t-shirt for A/W ’10.

Joystick Junkies products are sold in River Island, Bank and Pulp to name a few. For further information and pricing and to view the latest collection, please visit

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