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by Katie on May 27, 2010

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I promised you some of my favourite niche products in this section and this truly is one of them. I re-discovered it only last week as it was hidden towards the back of some of newbies that had nudged themselves forward vying for attention in my bathroom cabinet. How could I forget this gem? Shame on me.

I stumbled upon E Coudray’s Ambre & Vanille foaming mousse years ago in Fenwicks Bond Street in one of my aimless meandering afternoons long ago. I miss the fragrance like I miss the aimless free and easy meanderings. The smell of toffee sweet vanilla with an amber glow hits you when you screw open the heavy gold lid of this jar of indulgence. Opening the jar is like stepping back in time to another more golden, more fragrant halcyon age. And it should. Doctor/chemist Edmond Coudray was appointed to the household of Louis XVIII and supplied the crowned heads of England, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Africa, Brazil and Russia.

The fragrances used by E Coudray today are reformulations but don’t let that put you off as these are as authentic to the time as over the top powdered wigs and chalk white face powder.

Ambre et Vanille is classed as an Oriental in fragrance speak which means it evokes a heady sense of sweet oriental depth – sweet orange, bergamot, Lebanese Cinnamon, Heliotrope and the heady smoothness of vanilla combine with the richness of patchouli.

The soft gelatinous pearlescent mousse is whipped to light perfection and a small scoop goes a long way transporting your bath or shower into an experience worthy of the Court of Versailles. The mousse is a moisturiser, cleanser and fragrance all in one.

Ambre et Vanille (Foaming Mousse) is a sweet fragrance that gifts easily so bear this in mind for an unusual and thoughtful gift.

E Coudray Foaming Mousse costs £26 and is available from Fortnum & Mason.
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