Estee Lauder gets Social at Selfridges.

by Katie on May 18, 2010

It seems that beauty brands are more on the case than fashion labels and their PRs concerning social media and its impact.

Still retaining its pole position at the forefront of all things new, Estee Lauder is holding an event in Selfridges from 20th – 22nd May called “Your Beauty, Your Style, Your Profile” where customers can get the perfect look for their social media pages. (Btw, I’m undercover and a pseudonym so don’t go looking for pics of the Chutzpah!).

Estee Lauder beauty advisors will create a makeup look for each social media client and a professional photographer will then take your photo and provide you with a copy so you can upload it to your social network profile, mobile phone or iPhone.

You can have a look that’s right for any website where you want to post your photo whether you’re looking for a new job or networking to build your career on LinkedIn, or just plain want to update your image. So if you’re looking to catch up with old friends on Facebook or MySpace and show them just how fantabulous you have become, Estee Lauder are on hand to whisk you into shape. Or, even if you’re looking for love on, you can wow them with your wonderfulness. (Personally, I always find the latter desperateness a bit creepy, but hey ho, each to their own). Even if you don’t participate in Social Networking, it just might be good indulgent fun.

There’s now no excuses for rubbish profile pics, girls and boys, unless you’re under cover like the Chutzpah.

This little social hub will take place exclusively at the Estée Lauder counter in Selfridges, Oxford Street from 20th May – 22nd May 2010. There is a booking fee of £15.00 for this which is redeemable.
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