He’s back! Gok’s Fashion Fix

by Katie on May 25, 2010

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I should know by now what to expect from Gok and his Fashion Fix; Mr Nice Guy to the masses, Mr accessory overload and Mr transformer style parkas worn as skirts etc but you cannot help but like him, dammit.

The missive “Hold onto you hats, bags, skirts and knickers cause I’m back,” could sound quite threatening if you didn’t know if was Gok. It’s really quite eerie how he sounds EXACTLY like Jeff Banks, fashion guru and presenter of the 1980’s ‘Clothes Show’. Only while Jeff would have interviewed and preached, Gok wades right in there pinning, tucking and throwing out ‘girlfriends’ like you wouldn’t believe while Brix clutches on to her “You can’t win” American drawl, designer stance.

Gok in a bandstand type red jacket with gold braiding hit West Bromwich, “a town that fashion’s forgotten,” he quipped, And still they forgave him. You know it’s just pure the-a-tre (in the Elaine Paige pronunciation of the word) but his fashion followers heap pure unadulterated adulation upon him.

Gok has the common touch and that’s a good thing. He makes people feel at ease and as if they know him which is genius, actually. I’m convinced Brix doesn’t win as she doesn’t have ‘it’. Well, that and the fact that just running around like you’ve had too many e numbers going ‘OMIGOD’ this is FABULOUS and EXPENSIVE!’ does not a convincing stylist make. Playing up to cutesy niceness with pugs and od’ing on pink won’t convince the great British public. Oh no! They can spot an outsider as soon as look at one.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Gok throws accessories at his victims like they’re ten a penny. And where would our boy be without a haberdashery, eh? I was convinced until I watched it that he rolled his models in double sided tape and then catapulted them into John Lewis’s dressmaking section but hey ho, I stand corrected. It takes quick fire chat, pinking shears, stitching and bitching to make models look that good in high street clobber. Work it girlfriend! *finger snap* I have to admit it, his transformation of his models for the high street really is quite phenomenal if not wearable.

Over on ‘normal’ street, Gok got hold of Mandy, a lovely Indian lady. “This person has no idea at all what she should look like…” He transformed her from ripped jeans and hooded tops to dresses and humongous over sized accessories. At one point, Mandy looked like a scared air hostess with her neckerchief, teetering on her heels but she was convinced she was Gokked. She also fidgeted in her first work dress outfit and though she said she liked it, she pulled at the hem and neckline and baby, that doesn’t spell comfortable to me.

Back in the designer dept (ie Selfridges) for Brix’s part of the challenge, “Global Traveller” had Brix jumping around grappling with printed Dries van Noten as if she had been hallucinating. Oy vay! The screaming, the ditsy attitude, the downright pinkness of her act is…enough already! The over girly woman sterotype isn’t endearing Brix to her Gok audience. If Gok manages to make high street pieces step up and look designer then why has no-one queried how Brix can do that to those covetable designer brands?

Gok, on the other hand, threaded together clashing fabrics and prints with a head wrap from Next and Bob was your Aunt. Adding a couple of belts, a gold sequin jacket, humongous high street earrings and a clutch bag and bingo – Walsall Primark meets Southall by way of Ralph Lauren’s interpretation of African goddess.

For the American sportswear challenge, Gok piled on the layers while Brix simply piled on the colours and the pounds…I mean prices. The High Street versus Designer Fashion Face Off was a no brainer. Even as Brix pulled out her piece de resistance –a re-worked jewelled sieve, it was easy to see that Gok had stolen the hearts of the West Brom people. Let that be a lesson. Sequins and big earrings always win out! Gok is onto a winner.

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Gok Wan’s Fashion Fix is on Channel 4 on Tuesdays at 9pm. Picture courtesy of Channel 4
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RedlegsinSoho May 26, 2010 at 8:28 am

I like Gok, an acquaintance was on one of his shows and said he was great fun and gave the genuine impression of actually liking women rather than, like some gay fashionistas,seeing them as a mute canvas for their ‘creativity’. As for Brix, I like the pugs but she doesn’t seem to realise that some of the flashy stuff she uses speaks for itself.


Cherie City May 26, 2010 at 1:04 pm

It would’ve been nice for Mandy not to have gone from hockey team to hooker in that revolting green body stocking dress. It was hilarious when one of her cheeky little kids said ‘you look like a teenage’.
I have a soft spot for Brix and her pugs, but still haven’t seen a show where she wins. Maybe it’s in Gok’s contract that he always has to win.


esther July 15, 2010 at 5:42 pm

Want to dislike him but I can’t! Shame for the cynical in me.


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