Isn’t there something different about you? Selfridges launch Nipple Enhancers

by Katie on May 25, 2010

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In a recent previous life, I used to work for a large sexy lingerie (and other stuff) retailer.

The goods often provided hours of amusement and one of those was the ‘nipple enhancer’ when they arrived on our desks. Beejezzus! Grown women want to actually look as if they’ve just bent over a freezer in Tesco for an extended period or are in a constant state of arousal? We’d all find that hard in Tesco to be honest.

Anyway, it appears that grown fashionable women do as Selfridges, the purveyor of all things fashionable, are now selling Bodyperks Nipple Enhancers (£9.95) at

Personally I’d laugh at them not with them if any of my cronies seriously thought about purchasing these desperado products. However, David Walker-Smith their Director of Beauty says, “From skincare products to salon treatments women are always looking for quick fix, non surgical solutions for enhancing what they already have. Selfridges is proud to lead the way for women by offering the very latest body boosting creations from all over the world.”

What next? Nipple clamps?

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Bodyperks are available online at Selfridges stockist no: 0800 123 400
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