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by Katie on June 4, 2010

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A light hearted look back over the past week’s good, bad and indifferent including the “don’t even go there’s”.


Tina & Chandi “Britain’s Got Talent” has been dire this time round but it only takes a dancing old dog to win our hearts.

Avery Fine Perfumery, 27 Avery Row, W1 A niche new little find just behind South Molton Street. So niche it only has around two dozen perfume bottles displayed on a French rococo chest of drawers. Taxidermy birds, bell jars, china hares and a select range of fragrances including Nasomatto, Profumi del Forte from Tuscany, Morgan le Fey and cult fragrance brand, Nez a Nez.

Top Shop, Knightsbridge Great collection of pieces and it’s not packed full of teenagers fighting you for the best bits.

Galaxy Counters They’re back! Bigger, sexier and definitely aimed at women not children. Still the overriding taste of 1970’s childhood. Yum!


The news this week Just horrible. Mass shootings, oil spills that can’t be fixed, Israeli storming of aid convoys…and barely a peep of a response from the caring Coalition still obsessed with David Laws debacle.

Dover Street Market I trawled five floors and would have bought three items if I had cash to burn. So conceptual and ‘right on’ it’s practically giving itself an enema. The assistants are the only ones wearing the goods. Even the cafe food is atrocious. Conceptual muesli anyone?

Blisters Hot weather, bare feet, different shoes and they’re back. *grimace*

Cyclists Summer means there are even more of them winding up drivers and pedestrians alike


David Laws Far too much time been spent on this news story.

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