Rock On. Swarovski your feet for Summer.

by Katie on June 8, 2010

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It’s that time again, girls; When we have to reluctantly bare our feet, have pedicures, paint our toe nails and are subject to multitudinous blisters with our ever changing sandals and flatties.

Summer and Festival season always makes it difficult for a girl to look great. We have to lavish time and attention on our tootsies which have escaped the wrath of winter snuggled up in boots and black opaques. Come Summer and London humidity though and we have to bare them. Add to this, the onslaught of weddings, parties and the Summer Season and feet need mucho attention.

Nails Inc must have one of the most glam ways to zhush things up. They have teamed with CRYSTALLIZED Swarovski elements to devise the Crystal Pedicure using hundreds of CRYSTALLIZED Swarovski elements which are placed on nails individually to dazzling effect. Applied by the ever so talented Nail Artist team, the lavish Crystal Pedicure uses around 500 Swarovski crystals, sure to create the ultimate in bling glamour and elegance. No hiding these sparklers in shoes, its peep toes or sandals all the way. (Pictured above)

The Crystal Pedicure involves one hour and fifteen minutes of utter pampering and lasts for up to three weeks.

The new Crystal Pedicure using CRYSTALLIZED Swarovski elements is £110 and £135 if purchased with the‘Terrific Tootsies’ treatment which will ensure your feet look gorgeous, soft and smooth.

The Crystal Pedicure is available exclusively at South Molton Street and Harvey Nichols, London. Nail artist, Bhavisha Raichura, at the South Molton Street store has been with Nails inc. for over two years and has worked with the oh-so fabulous Julian McDonald and Margaret Howell, amongst others

If you can’t afford to indulge yourself with Swarovski crystal nails, then you can add sparkle to a Summer outfit or rock a Festival with Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED stretchie bracelets (from £14) in jewelled multi colours, giant kaleidoscope gold cuffs (£220) or opt for Daisy Lowe for Swarovski dangly, hippie chick earrings (£66) and bracelet, all available at 24 Great Marlborough Street, London W1 (Tel. 0207 434 3444).

For pedicure enquiries, please call Nails Inc at South Molton Street, London W1 on 020 7491 1155.

Would you Swarovski your feet this Summer or have you been or are planning to go to a festival? Share it with us in the comments below or start a conversation in the ‘shout mix’ box opposite. It’s easy to do!
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