Kate Who? That’s for Mario to know and you to discover.

by Katie on July 8, 2010

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Tuesday night (6th July) in London saw the launch of Kate Who?, an exhibition of iconic works by Mario Testino at Phillips de Pury & Company. The exhibition features intimate photographs of the fashion legend from Croydon by the ultimate fashion photographer.

The photographs are a series of 18 exhibition prints celebrating Mario Testino’s work with his favourite muse, Kate Moss; selected iconic images that will also be produced in a book “Kate Moss by Mario Testino”(Taschen, 2010). The colour images are high glamour, provocative and provide an intimate testimony of his friendship with Kate spanning over two decades. Comparable to Irving Penn’s extraordinary relationship with Lisa Fonssagrives, David Bailey’s with Jean Shrimpton’s and Norman Parkinson’s with Wenda, Testino uniquely extracts a quality no other photographer could, a catalyst occurs and magic is made visual. There is the possibility of everything and anything when Mario Testino and Kate Moss work together, their relationship endures and stays vividly alive allowing Testino’s pictures of Moss to transcend fashion.

The works highlights Kate’s unique versatility in various poses brooding sexily and defiantly into camera, daring the viewer to challenge. Kate’s personality is never far from the lens and this is what makes her special. She brings more to the party than merely her image. There’s visions of sweet Kate, dominant Kate, sexy Kate, pure Kate, temptress Kate. She wears it well, aided and abetted by Meister Mario.

Kate and Mario are a marriage made in heaven. Fashion at its zenith. The elixir that many try to chase and fail to replicate.

Testino says, “Kate represents the ultimate kind of woman, an icon of our times. Not just an image of beauty, but of a life-style, an attitude. She has been a catalyst for many things and transcends the notion of a model who models a ‘look’ or a hair style – she represents a world, a whole way of being, living in a moment where everything is communicated globally and without restraint.” Quite true Mr Testino, but you are the original creative catalyst for extrapolating that uniqueness and turning into a fashion moment.

Mario Testino does more than photograph glossy editorial images, advertising campaigns and famous celebrities. He holds living breathing fashion history in his hands. Go see this.

To see the images on line click on this link http://www.phillipsdepury.com/exhibitions.aspx?sn=EXUK0310

Kate Who? is an exhibition from 6th – 15th July 2010, Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm Sunday 12 – 6pm at Phillips de Pury & Company, Howick Place, London SW1P 1BB

Image of Kate. 1996 (Paris, 1996) © Mario Testino. 

(184 × 264 cm -Edition of 2,145 × 184 cm- Edition of 3)

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