New Clé de Champs salon, Knighstbridge

by Katie on July 20, 2010

What do you get when you combine a sparse well designed modern salon, quiet, a super healing therapist and intensely rich rejuvenating organic products? Happily de-stressed fashion bunnies care of the new Clé Des Champs salon in Walton Street, Knightsbridge. I see this new salon being a regular stop off with the ‘Euro chic South Kensington meets Knightsbridge crew’ who like to take a break from the high demands of maxing out the platinum. It’s muted elegance and subtle approach to new Century harmony is the golden ticket for relaxation.

When I was offered the opportunity of a Summer facial at the new Clé Des Champs, I jumped at the chance. My tired skin has been alternatively dry and oily according to the amount of heat and humidity the heavens seem to offer us this Summer. I’ve long been advocating the fact that we all need to regularly change our skin care with the seasons. So, it was perfect timing with the arrival of Clé Des Champs, a prestigious organic brand which gets its inspiration from traditional Chinese medicine that advocates the need for a different approach to skin care for the different times of the year. It uses the finest ingredients, referencing each season, to help balance the body’s own energies, allowing a person to rediscover and maintain their natural radiance.

Clé des Champs products and treatments aim to restore energy, re balance, protect, comfort, nourishment, awaken and encourage the senses. Traditional Chinese medicine teaches that body and mind are closely related to the seasonal environment and that each organ corresponds to a season and may affect the skin’s appearance. Recognising that skin is affected by much more than just what we put on it, the product and treatment range pays specific consideration to ever-changing seasonal weather to maintain a persons natural energy and allow the skin to retain its natural glow. Finest quality cold pressed organic oils, floral waters and other natural elements are fundamental to the range.

My facial was a Summer facial which used a range of luxuriant creams, serums and scrubs. Head therapist, Kirsty Jones first applied two types of almond cleanser, followed ny a neroli based toner and a raspberry face scrub, all with relaxing smooth strokes. A Clay mask followed and then a green tomato moisturisers with the heart of the range, a Summer serum. A calming chamomile eye cream finished the facial. The hour I spent was the epitome of relaxation. No chatty chats, just expert soothing fingers and the application of healing products. Kirsty applied light pressure to the Chinese acupressure points in my face, head, arms and feet, I expect to balance my Ying and Yang. At this point, it was all I could do to book in for a body treatment as I was putty in her hands.

The products smell fresh but pure…the type of products that you just know are going to do good. There are 16 items in the initial range, which include a balm and an eye serum for all year use. Each season includes four key products with ingredients proven to aid skin during each specific month. Clé des Champs have identified which organs are affected by the different seasons and the range has been developed to ensure that the correct product is used at the correct time. So far so sensible. But what of the expense? There’s no avoiding the fact that these products are pricey especially if a woman changes her skincare four times a year, however, I expect in Knightsbridge and Belgravia (where the sister salon resides), price isn’t an issue. The anti ageing serum is £73 (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter versions) and a face mask and a face scrub come in at £56 each. The year round facial cleansing milk is £25.

Importantly, the salon can provide a unique range of treatments which can be tailored to each guest’s specific needs and so is truly individual. Kirsty Jones, head therapist comments: “Clé des Champs is revolutionary in the way it recognises that the body reacts differently and needs different products depending on the season.”

My revitalising and anti ageing (hour and a half long) facial cost £110.

For a full price list and details of treatments please visit

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