Valentino launches Lace but not as we know it.

by Katie on July 20, 2010

Valentino. The name slides off the tongue like rich smooth chocolate. I always thought I’d be a woman who grows into Valentino. And I did. I loved being one of ‘those’ women who wore Valentino and Guerlain perfume with a swoosh. But that was when I had an episode of spendy dollah money. How swiftly life denies of us of the things we love.

Mr Valentino has now launched a rather different venture which is aimed at a more cost aware audience but this appears to be real toe-in the water stuff. A very chic looking grey lace tinged release (and that’s only the electronic mail version, folks) states that “lace unites iconic elegance and technical versatility.” To tell you the truth, it would have impressed me more if I could open the damned thing and read it instead of squinting at black on dark grey copy which may look lovely but has ruined Chutzpah’s eyes. Such is the way of design led releases. Style quite literally over function.

It’s then I discover, looking further at the pics that the ‘lace’ is actually printed lace effect combined with anthracite nylon and PVC which I take to mean fancy rubber wellington boots and a variety of rather fetching and stylish bags with a lace pattern. I must be truthful. It has been very difficult to tell from the design led gobbledygook of the release and the pics. I’d have like to seen the products close up to give you more insight but hey ho.

Back to the release. *narrows eyes and squints further* It states that the capsule collection is “practical luxury revealed through soft ultra light accessories enriched by leather details in matching colours and delicate black satin lining.” Great. Finally deciphered this much but there’s no reasoning of the whys and the wherefores of the collection’s background. That would have also been good to know. To be honest, I don’t think it’s the PR that’s to blame – issued with standard releases from Milanese head offices in a one size fits all method, which it obviously doesn’t.

To decipher the reality and to see the products close up and personal, Valentino lace products will be available in all Valentino boutiques including Harrods starting July 2010.

What do you think of the Valentino Lace collection? If you’re a blogger have you had similarly tempting but hard to decipher releases? Please leave a message in the comments box below or in the ‘shout mix’ box on the right. 

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