Chutzpah’s Weekly Barometer

by Katie on August 13, 2010

A light hearted look back over the past week’s good, bad and indifferent including the “don’t even go there’s”.


SJP’s low key look. Super chic and stylish and I’d love that hair. This lady can do no wrong. See her look at The Huffington Post.

Evan Rachel Wood in Gucci’s new ‘Guilty’ adv. Wow! Super modelicious. Boy, has she grown up.

Alexander Wang’s first ever mainline video Take a creative collaboration by all the big names (Supremo art director, Fabien Baron, Craig McDean (photographer du jour), stylist, Karl Templer and model, Abbey Lee Kershaw) and what do you get? This stunning and impactful creative piece. Love it.

The phrase ‘North/South of the Park’. As in (quote) “most of my friends live North of the Park”. We’re not talking Finsbury or Queen’s either.

Ojon Hair Products I’ve only recently discovered these and boy are they heaven in a bottle. Love the Revitalising Mist and the Recovery Cleanser. The best quality, the best smelling,..well. the best everything actually. And now they have a 2 minute hair mask (retailing at £30) to revitalise or volumise. God help my bank balance.


Katy Perry Girl, I like you but you are reaching new lows in self esteem. Cream spurting out of your breastsicles whilst fellating a popsicle. Hmmm. And we wonder why our kids get sexualised too young? And now a song where you sing, “I wanna see your peacock-cock-cock, your peacock-cock-cock”. Just… no.

That God awful Ikea Tree Statue at the Barbican Deeply hideous and not art.


For Friday, 13th *shudders*

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Cherie City August 13, 2010 at 1:02 pm

Bang on with the barometer, Katy Perry seems to have had a lobotomy! I’ve never liked her but she is reaching new heights of stupidity. Give us a break with your cupcakes and bloody popsicles *rage*

On a positive note, SJP and Evan Rachel Wood look so radiant and glowing. Never seen SJP do ‘beachy’ before.


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