Rouge Dior Haute Couleur. Red rules.

by Katie on August 21, 2010

Monsieur Christian Dior used to say, “The lipstick that covers my cheeks is the surest sign of a collection’s success; besides, red is my lucky colour.” And, there was a man who knew women. He extended his rules of fashion to the tenet for his beauty house.

The line often becomes blurred regarding designer cosmetics. At what point to you admit, as a woman, you are buying into only a minor piece of the fashion brand or are you really buying into the fashion house’s lifestyle ethos and basis? Depends on the brand, m’dear.

I’ve found that the closer the links from fashion design through to product development, colour choice and brand execution, the closer the synergy, and none more so than at Dior. Dior has an inevitable charm. Headed by the man who can do no wrong, John Galliano, his attention to detail is legendary. And we all know, colour transcends the history of the House of Dior.

Christian Dior, who was passionate about flowers, art, theatre and culture knew the effect of a stunning gown whose colour illuminates its wearer, giving her a magical glow. “Why deprive fashion and women of the prestige and charms of colour, which have sure appeal for them?” he asked. Red is undeniably the colour of the house and is oft used as an outlet for Monsieur Galliano’s fantastical and flamboyant tendencies. As John Galliano says, “Red is the colour of passion and Monsieur Dior’s favourite colour.” In 2006, red stole the spotlight once again when the radiant Monica Bellucci became the muse for the new Rouge Dior. For one night, the monuments of Paris were bathed in red as a tribute to the ultimate femme fatale and her favourite lipstick.

As a pillar of Dior beauty, Red is swept across the history of the House like a powder trail. In fact, the story of Rouge Dior started with this intense shade, since Monsieur Dior believed that “Red is a very energetic and beneficial colour. It is the colour of life. I love Red and I think it suits almost every complexion.”

The black and white images of the couturier’s first collections hint at the models’ crimson lips, a crucial element in the Dior attitude.

Giving women what they want…a right to feel sexy, powerful and beautiful transcends everything at Dior. Monsieur Dior considered the vivid colour of made up lips as the finishing touch to a fully dressed face, something that Galliano carries on to this day.

Here’s to the close connection between truly inspired fashion design and beauty products. Here’s to the purity of design. Here’s to fiery, dramatic and sexy Red. Red rules. Monsieur Dior would agree.

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The 32 intense colours of Rouge Dior Haute Couleur Voluptuous Care lipstick (including the deep Zinna Red) launch nationwide on 6th September 2010. Recommended Retail Price £22

Catwalk pic of Dior’s A/W 10 Couture collection kindly provided by

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Bella Queen August 21, 2010 at 10:21 pm

Indeed, Mr Dior is right about the red lipstick. I find it can complete a look and with one slick can make a woman stand taller and be come confident all round.


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