Chutzpah’s Weekly Barometer – LFW special

by Katie on September 23, 2010

A light hearted look back over the past week’s good, bad and indifferent including the “don’t even go there’s”.


The variety and verve at LFW  From establishment to radicalism in a nutshell and often on the same day.  Some of the new breed of designers at Vauxhall Fashion Scout and On/Off were really inspirational and fully deserved to be ‘On’ schedule in the BFC space.  Feel sorry that some publications may have missed the talent on offer due to the massive and often conflicting show schedule.

The Far Pavillions trend  For S/S ’11, it appears we want to be anywhere but here.  We’re either zipping ahead to the future in structured minimalist lines and fabrics or visiting India/Morocco for a long soujourn in hot colours and texture clashes.  That’s one way to beat the dire Economic situation and coalition chaos.  Pure escapism.

Hilary Alexander  The Daily Telegraph’s indefatigable Fashion Director is a fashion national treasure.  She literally runs around from show to show, defying crowds by leaping on catwalks to get to her seat, she files copy in between shows and is a firm front row fixture.  All is OK with the world when you see Hilary at a show.  Such energy, drive, enthusiasm and sheer joy after all these years.  She could teach a lot of other po-faced editors a thing or two about dedication and enjoyment.

Edward Finney  A name to watch and a BIG future star.  You heard it here first.  Look out for more from me about this incredibly talented designer as I was bowled away by his collection.  His understanding of fabric, texture, pattern cutting, form and design history is outstanding.  Oh, and have I mentioned he’s both ex Galliano and McQueen?  Backers get onto this find.


Credit Crunch LFW  There were very few pre show champagne, cocktails or really good goodie bags. (Can’t comment re the Top Shop venue shows at Waterloo as wasn’t invited – heyho!). There were exceptions of course, Nicole Farhi and Ozwald Boateng had something to celebrate so splashed the champagne. (Nicole’s Legion D’Honneur Award and Ozwald’s 25th year in the business).

The perennial Diana Vickers at LFW showsHardly a style icon.  And, Kerry Katona at Giles.  There’s irony and then there’s just bad taste.

The cobblestones at Somerset HouseMy spendy heels are knackered.

Hannspree Hansbook PCs in the press areas.   Now, I know the brand was being kind by donating the PCs free and were only trying to raise their brand profile BUT, and here’s the big BUT, you don’t put shonky computers with dodgy @ symbols you can’t use, a keyboard with letters in the wrong place and a mouse pad so sensitive it deleted your copy as you typed, or else had to angle your wrists four inches from the keyboard.  I’ve never heard so much stressed cursing under breathe from journos and bloggers alike.  Aim achieved in associating brand name with pain.

LFW show offsYou know what I mean?  The various ‘yoof’ who don look-at-me outfits for 5 days and swan around thinking they’re part of Gaga’s entourage.  I know its all about show but purleese, more concentration on the job in question.  And please, stop knicking our seats.  Respect your elders etc.

Men with handbags  MTFU.


Whether I see another Vitamin Water ever again.

Fluro neons  A bit garish on whiter than white skin.  I’ll have to pass.

Catwalk pic from Roksanda Illincic S/S ’11

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Cherie City September 23, 2010 at 10:30 pm

I didn’t see as many of the ‘idiots’ as last season, they seemed a bit more toned down this year – no giant vagina or banana hats on front row, thank god.
My real irritation is with people on twitter bigging up their importance at LFW. Yes you were there, so were we all.
Another spot on barometer, Chutzpah!


RedlegsinSoho September 24, 2010 at 10:34 am

I have a cobble induced scar from Bankside (cobbles+heels=very bad look indeed) so sympathise with you re Somerset house.
I would have loved to have been at some of those shows and am very glad you deservedly made it, I have seen some pictures of high fashion young bloggers and they looked like smug little clowns! x


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