Chutzpah’s Weekly Barometer

by Katie on October 23, 2010

A light hearted look back over the past week’s good, bad and indifferent including the “don’t even go there’s”.


Les Tentations de Chanel Christmas Collection   Just adore the tweed effect blush duo.  This looks like a gorgeous strip of glistening pink, gold and red Chanel tweed which gives the most delicate fuchsia pink, sheeny, blush.   The texture is touchably addictive.  Paired with the fluid iridescent eyeshadow in the soft grey ‘splash’ colour, these have become my newest favourites.  Lucky Chutzpah, indeed.  Launches 5th November at Chanel counters nationwide.

Skype  Why did no one tell me this was so brilliant?  I’ve just discovered the joy of a long distance Skype conversation.  My newest ‘thing’.  Friends will grow sick of me asking, ‘Are you on Skype?’.

Mr Nice  An unexpectedly fabulous film.  Go see.  Rhys Ifans and Chloe Sevigny rocked.  Chloe always looks so unbelievably stylish that I can even forgive her, her dodgy English accent.  The ‘Studio 54’ scene did it for me.

Lucy In Disguise Beauty Parlour, King Street, Covent Garden  Lily Allen and Sarah Owen have got it right on the money.  This is a find if ever this was one.  If you can tear yourself away from the beautiful collection of drop dead gorgeous vintage finds in the main store (Believe me, the buyers and sourcers of these pieces have astonishingly good taste, as each item is individual and brings something to the party), you can sneak downstairs to find a little sanctuary of glam. 

Bumble and Bumble host the vintage blow dry bar where customers can have their hair styled to match the era of their chosen outfit.  The Vintage Make-up Counter is hosted by Illamasqua with a WAH nails bar, both of which are terrific brands with a full colour range.  The Beauty Parlour is also available for hire with the ‘With Diamonds’ dressing area, so customers can have fun getting ready with their friends while sipping vintage era cocktails from the Grey Goose bar.  Open Tuesday to Saturday, with or without appointment.  Well worth a visit.  £25 for make-up/ £35 for hair styling or £50 for a make-up hair hour long session.  Nails from £12.  Tel:  0207 240 6590

YSL Belle D’Opium TV advertising 

Just how sexy and powerful is the TV ad with Melanie Thierry?  Love it. 

Barielle nail colour’s ‘Holiday Hustle’ collection Sparkly, metallic nail colours with the best vampy red called ‘Ellle’s Spell’ and a lovely copper bronze shade, ‘Gelt me to the Party’.   Prices are £8 each. 

Home hair dying  Every few weeks, my pristine white-tiled bathroom looks like a scene from ‘True Blood’.   Quelle bane.

Backpacks  Heinous, bulky, ugly objects,  especially on the tube.  Just.  Take.  Them.  Off.  If anyone else cramps me or bangs into me with them, I may enact Backpack range and and help tip the wearer over.  Wearers be warned.

Katy Perry’s performance on the ‘X Factor’  Boy did she look fabulous but honey, you really should have lip synced.  Off key screeching did not go down well.  It’s a turn up when some of the (awful) contestants are actually better than the ‘star act’.

Knightsbridge traffic chaos  So, as soon as the hideous Candy Brothers building is finished, we have TFL killing the roads and then another Sir Robert McAlpine building going up, clogging the roads, causing absolute chaos.  A girl just can’t time her social life properly with all this to contend with.


About ‘Wool Week’  (11th-17th October)  I mean, I ask you….

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