Chutzpah’s Weekly Barometer

by Katie on October 15, 2010

A light hearted look back over the past week’s good, bad and indifferent including the “don’t even go there’s”.


ITV’s ‘Downton Abbey’  Super Sunday TV.  This baudy British Edwardian ‘What the Butler Saw’ drama has us hooked.  Julian Fellows has the most brilliant drama style.  Hats off to anyone who can write lines like ‘Eager to try an English Hunt’ as well as build in story lines involving a ‘limp corrector’ and someone dying from over active sex.  It’s like ‘You Rang M’Lord’ with posh actors.  Loving it.

Christian Louboutin Lady Peep studded heels  Don’t f*ck with me pumps.  I am yearning.

+J at Uniqlo  This third Jil Sander collection for Uniqlo is awesome.  Simple chic modern tailoring classics in neutral colours that build the basics of a contemporary wardrobe for A/W’10.  Pure tailoring, modern silhouettes and iconic simplicity by the designer who invented effortless style. 

Prices range from £12.99 – £279.99 for both mens and womenswear.  Get it while you still can.  The camel, flannel coat has my name on it.

Elizabeth Arden’s Centenary Eyeshadow Quads  A set of three quad eyeshadows in subtle, beautiful shades that provide the basis for everyday glamour.  Sueded browns, neutral cashmeres and velvet plumtones are each beautifully packaged with the sweet, centenary design motif making these collectors items.  Each design represents an era and an iconic moment in Elizabeth Arden’s history.  The eyeshadows are rich, true, silky smooth in texture and crease resistant.  There’s a reason why this brand has been around for 100 years.   Great colours, great packaging and true style.  Limited Edition Anniversary Eye Shadow Quads are £25 and available from Elizabth Arden counters nationwide.

Dermalogica  I’ve been using these products for well over a month now and I am incredibly impressed.  The Special Cleansing Gel is soap free, gentle and actually manages to truly cleanse the skin without stripping it or disturbing the skin’s natural moisture balance.  I’m a convert.  As I am with the Gentle Soothing Booster which is an oil free complex of ultra-soothing botanical and healing honey that calms and hydrates sensitized skin.  I shall be trying more Dermalogica as these products work.  Highly recommended.  Visit the store at 8 Lancer Square, Kensington Church street or use the website at


Starbucks  I don’t and will never get Starbucks’ appeal, possibly as I don’t drink coffee.  It’s pretentious ordering system that’s full of Americanisms (really, Brits, you sound like total tw*ts ordering tall, skinny, decaf lattes), it takes an eternity for your order to arrive, you can never find a seat on your own and well, it’s not for me.  Ever.

The Ikea advert with cats  Honestly, I don’t thing ‘aww, sweet’, I think, ‘ugh’.  Feral cats have eaten their owner and are now running rampage in a store where you’ll be buying their matted fur on sofas, beds and chairs.  Creepy.

Richard Dennen’s Evening Standard column  Surely Richard is a great example of The Un Charm Offensive.  Or, he’s just plain offensive in terms of writing style and content.  Each time I read it, I think, ‘Is this for real?’  Unfortunately it is.  It isn’t some over-ironic pastiche of West London’s high life.  It actually is about minor aristos, B list celebs and assorted Euro trash behaving badly with an over inflated sense of entitlement.  Deeply seedy.


Ellie Goulding  I have tried but it ain’t happening.  Smacks of earnest girl ordinaire singing in bedroom voice.

Ann Widdecombe  Yes, I know she’s now the nation’s sweetheart having firmly taken over the John Sergeant, stiff hipped, bad dancer but affable role in ‘Strictly’ but she’s still an old Tory with ultra right wing leanings and that I do not forgive or forget.

Do you agree with my likes/dislikes? Please leave a comment in the box below or start a conversation in the ‘shout mix comment box’ on the right. Thanks.

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britishbeautyblogger October 15, 2010 at 9:13 pm

I hate his column too! it’s ridick and he is lucky to have any friends left if he leaves his own to go to a better one! I’m sure he’s making it all up.


Akeela October 16, 2010 at 9:00 am

Starbucks’ coffee is truly awful too. And I absolutely agree with you on it being a pretentious environment and the fact that they serve their stupidly large ‘coffees’ in a ‘twenty’ – what’s that all about??

To be honest, I don’t understand why people living in London drink in Starbucks at all when there is an abundance of great independent coffee shops. Oh well, it’s their loss.


RedlegsinSoho October 16, 2010 at 9:13 am

Starbucks only redeeming quality comes but once a year: the Gingerbread Latte topped with whipped cream.
Otherwise a thumbs down.


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