So it’s Halloween…

by Katie on October 31, 2010

So it’s Halloween…the derivative from my native Scottish, All Hallows Even.   We’re good at spooky things in Scotland.  We’re all Macbeth and Burns’ Tam O’Shanter and humongous castles in the middle of nowhere and eerie grey light and just general dourness.  Unless, off course you involve ‘the drink’ and then, for us, the party begins and we’re there to the wee small hours with humour, gaiety and mad frolics.  So v typically like Halloween then.

Actually, I prefer our Scottish/UK version to the sanitized Americanised version that seems ever to be winging its way to the UK.  If I see another supermarket aisle of orange and black with fake ghouls, I may throw up.  Halloween is traumatic for those with a modicum of taste.  It gives every orange peel skinned girl with a muffin top the chance to wear pink fairy wings, deely bopppers and, if you’re really lucky, a matching pink tutu.  Or, you may encounter the ‘I’m actually a sexy minx’ types (oh, not you’re not.  Really) who shove on a nurse or maid PVC uniform from Ann Summers and some cheap hold ups and think it instantly means ‘sex appeal’.  Wrong, wrongitty, wrong.  Then there are the bad vampires, the Elviras with dirty hemmed, unclean, long black skirts and the inevitable off white, sheeted ghosts.  Egads.  It’s really too much.  Perhaps we should just leave it to the children. 
‘Dressing Up’ has always sent shivers down my spine and the reaction, ‘Do I really have to?’.  Oh God, it’s up there with karaoke, salsa dancing and army style, group bonding work sessions in my nightmare ‘fun’ repertoires. So, when your good friends are all pitching along to the glamorous Fleur de Guerre’s Don’t Dali With the Devil event to celebrate All Hallows Eve, what are you going to do?  Short of a Schiaparelli gown or shoe hat (as appeared in the opening scenes of one of my favourite movies, ‘Brazil’), what do you wear? 

This was made all the more pressing and confusing as I attended an amazing lecture last weekend,  ‘Paris:  City of Marvels – Surrealism and its Enemies’ by Sotheby’s James Malpas at the Victoria and Albert museum, followed by Roja Dove’s amazing insight into 1920’s and 1930’s fragrance in Paris at this time.  You see, I really do take this ‘themed’ task seriously.  It isn’t just all, ‘let’s jot along to Tesco and grab a naff outfit’.

Dressing up’s out and Surrealist favourite, Guerlain’s ‘Djedi’ (1927), is long discontinued, so I racked the Chutzpah brains and came up with brainwave one:  A Dali’esque masquerade mask, in make-up, accompanied by some vintage Miss Asprey fragrance (again, long discontinued, but I own some) for some original upper crust elegance that reeks of regal purple velvet and the eccentricity of the aristocratic, Mitford sisters.  Accompany my glittering silver mask with a black satin, Galliano bias gown and some deco earrings, throw on my Butler and Wilson, diamante ‘Dali’ eye ring and I’m there.

Getting the make-up right was vital.  Step forward the experts at MAC who arranged for me to have a one to one tutorial with one of their top make-up teaching professionals, Rachel O’Donnel, a patient, enthusiastic and dedicated make-up diva who devised the look I’d designed from scratch.  This could either look great or if all failed, I might look like a less successful and attractive Storm Lee from X Factor.

Starting off, we applied my normal foundation base, then mixed clear coloured MAC eyeliner mixing medium with Platinum Pigment and drew this across, over and above the eye area to create a silver mask.  We then brushed some mixing medium on top, one eye at a time and applied 3D Silver glitter on top with gently pressing stroked and then continued with this to the upper eyelids for additional glitz.  We then drew in a definite eye line mask with Indigo Eyeliner pencil but, when I did this at home, I used a cheaper, sparkly Top Shop, thick eyeliner crayon as it had additional glitter effect.  We then smudged some beautiful deep blue ‘Deep Truth’ eyeshadow into the bottom half of the mask to create a smudge line.    Lashings of NYC ‘Show Time’ and Sky Rise lengthening mascara (by Coty) was then applied  when dry.

For lips, I wanted the archetypal Dali red ‘sofa’ lips.  So, we applied a slight red gloss, then lots of classic Ruby Woo lipstick and patted red pigment on top for a velvet effect.  Very Dali-esque lips.

For hair, I experimented with Sebastian Microweb fiber which is a remoldable, supple, texturiser that creates silky definition and weaves a 3D weightless Microweb into your hair – very Halloween.  However, this may have been a step too far.  Nothing to do with this innovative product and more to do with my ham fistedness with hair styling.  Better to use on another occasion.  I tend to do ‘tousled’ quite well.

What do you think of the finished look? 

Please feel free to leave a comment in the box below.
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The Very Simon G November 1, 2010 at 4:32 pm

Totally LOVING the mask! Didn’t even think to paint one on!!! Looks great, hope you had fun! x


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