Third season +J Collection launches at Uniqlo.

by Katie on October 18, 2010

There are always a few highly anticipated high street launches each year and none more so than that of +J, the collection designed by Jil Sander for high street staples store, Uniqlo.

Uniqlo’s one of those brands that fashion people love as they can always pick up the best basics and the most trend ahead pieces that have neither ‘youth’ nor noticeable mass market stamped all over the product design.  Uniqlo’s great strength is simply providing the best in quality design, often in short run supplies, and then leaving the audience to a) find it and b) reinterpret the piece in their own style. It’s the type of thing Marks and Spencer did in days of yore before TV ad campaigns with dancing model celebrities and its obsession with being ‘fashionable’ despite its business requirement for volume, the killjoy of fashion individualism.

Its the mix of quality clothing at low prices (tick), the stylish if simple ad campaigns that focus on product (tick) and the appeal to diverse consumer groups (tick) that make for Uniqlo’s strengthening reputation.  You only have to look at the success of its functional ‘heattech’ line.  Everyone should own a piece.  This is the essence of its business success.

Furthering this ethos and to wide fashion industry approval, last October (2009) saw the brand link with minimalist queen, Jil Sander.  This was a welcome return to her high visibility in the industry some years since her final departure from her own name label in November 2004, now owned by Prada.  The fact that Uniqlo’s reputation for simplicity and quality (if at a low price) echoed Ms Sander’s, globally known for designing beautifully constructed, ‘non trend’, simple pieces that create a modern silhouette while allowing the wearer’s personality to shine through.  Ms Sander involves herself personally in all aspects of the design process for the tightly constructed mens and womenswear +J collection and her stringent material selection includes an exquisite use of tailoring and of materials (unique to her) which have a strong affinity with Uniqlo’s fashion basic aesthetic

The +J for this Autumn features fine wools, cashmeres, flannels and beautiful felt coats all of which are highly covetable and reasonably priced, in fact the ultimate working wardrobe.  Says Sander, “I want to provide fashion that allows the body to move naturally and unrestrictedly, clothes that radiate the tranquility.  My emphasis is on silhouette, easy and gracious movement, practicality and a perfect fit.”  

Sleekly designed trousers, pristine white shirts, fine wool and cashmere sweaters and a selection of the most beautifully structured reversible jackets and overcoats in wool satin and flannel in muted tones of navy, camel and black, spell structured sleek.  Each piece has meticulous attention to detail that belies the price and relays quality designer thought and construction. Prices range from £99.99 to £199.99 for outerwear, £49.99-£59.99 for bottoms and £39.99 to £139.99 for knitwear. 

Get on down before it’s too late.  It won’t be there forever.

The +J Collection is available now from selected Uniqlo stores at 311 Oxford Street, 170 Oxford Street, Westfield (London) and Bluewater (Kent).  Or, buy online from

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Arianna October 19, 2010 at 4:20 pm

Great post! I’m a big fan of Jil Sander and UNIQLO, and I believe this to be the best +J collection to date with stunning men’s and women’s clothing in the season’s hottest colours and materials. I just hope there’s many more +J collections to come!


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