Beguiling Sycomore from Les Exclusifs de Chanel

by Katie on December 13, 2010

Where do I start with Sycomore, part of Chanel’s swish Les Exclusifs collection?

Firstly, I wasn’t exactly aware just how addictive this fragrance set was until the lovely Louise at gave me the heads up on this delectable fragrance.

The Les Exclusifs line up of oversized bottles wink at you in Chanel stores and in Selfridges (their availability is, after all, tres exclusif, non?) with a sophisticated nod, standing boldly in all their elegant squareness and discreetly noticeable double C branding.

The 2008 Chanel Sycomore by parfumeurs Jaques Polge and Christopher Sheldrake, (the initial fragrance was launched in 1930) is deeply rounded and faintly masculine with vetiver but says strong, powerful, mysterious woody brown and green with a beautifully, belligerent nod of sensuousness. Notes of fresh bergamot, grassy vetiver, dry pepper, creamy sandalwood, Indian spices, smoky woods and intoxicating incense punch you firmly on the nose but what a punch!

This is The Beatles’ Norwegian Woods in fragrance format: Folksy, enigmatic, indulgent, romantic and unforgettable. “I once had a girl or should I say, she had me….She showed me her room, isn’t it good Norwegian Wood?”

Figgy deepness comes through, perfect for this time of year, yearning of yuletide and rich green wreathes, of scented smoky log fires, of warmth and comfort and cosiness and a time of plenty.

There’s a deeply sexy, beguiling, smoky incense after effect to Sycomore as it levels out. Sycomore is the somewhat obsolete spelling of sycamore, implying a much older Biblical tree meaning so the link to Christmas is overpowering. At least to me.

I know the beautiful Chanel TV ads say fall in love with Audrey Tautou and buy someone you love Chanel no 5. I’d think the world of someone if they went the extra mile, found ‘les exclusifs’ and chose this little beauty. The magnetic snap to the fragrance lid is the icing on the frosted, woody, Christmas cake.

Good tidings of comfort and joy. Christmas has never smelled so good.

Les Exclusifs de Chanel are available at Chanel stores and from Selfridges, London. Priced at £170.

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