Tranforming unruliness. Hair not Behaviour.

by Katie on December 15, 2010

I had forgotten that I had agreed to the generous offer of having my hair teased and treated at the Cobella Salon in Selfridges and to trial the Global Keratin Hair Taming treatment with Juvexin, which had only just been launched in the UK in October. 

Oh, I was looking forward to it and the challenge of taming unruliness and frizziness but a week spent in the airport hanger conditions at the NEC in Birmingham and the pandemonium of excited women, high on oestrogen and free goody bag junk at The Clothes Show Live exhibition had quite crushed my mojo.

In an attempt to reliven it, I had chosen to celebrate my first night from exile gallivanting aplenty on the evening before the arranged treatment with friends at a Fashion Show, followed by a party at the rooftop of the Sanctum Hotel and then a flurry of twinkles at Dicks Bar, El Camino, Soho. That was the last straw. I know my twinkle limit is three. But that’s three without former voddie tonics and champagne. Uughh!  I blame Mez Le RaRa and redlegsinsoho

Awakening late and downing liquid caffeine in various formats, I made my appointment in time so the hangover from hell would have to wait.  I tell you, it’s not a good move having to be faced with a constant mirror with a near make-up free face on a day like this, but I digress. 

Ed was to Keratin Hair System me and started by examining my hair so he could customize the treatment to my hair type before whisking me away for a wash and condition.  I was then taken back to the dreaded mirror and had the Keratin Hair Taming treatment with Juvexin applied carefully to my hair in divided strips. 

I had been warned that the system would mean my hair would have to be poker straight for at least three days with no products added until the system was left to penetrate.  I had a big social event to attend the following evening with a potential hot date (it wasn’t) so really wanted to look my best.  Straightened hair would be a change though.  It’s always so vastly different from my big hair that I could work that look to the dress.

The most laborious part of the process was the careful brushed on application of the product and then the carefully sealing of this with heat via hair straighteners, again, with the hair in sections.  Apart from my ensuing hangover, this would have been a really relaxing hour and a half process.  My fault entirely that I suffered during the time due to the previous night’s excesses.

The Keratin Hair Taming System with Juvexin lasts for up to six months and promises to improve texture and condition of all hair types without leaving hair lank or flat.  Hair health and vitality is promised for the most damaged hair, banishing frizz to a mere memory and making hair more manageable to style. 

Actually derived from New Zealeand sheep wool, the long protein chains of Juvexin closely mirror the hairs own keratin structure, allowing Juvexin to bond with the hair and wrap around the cuticle to repair and protect while penetrating to the core to protect every strand.  Says Van Tiboli, Founder and CEO of Global Keratin says of the system, “It nourishes and transforms hair inside and out to give women beautiful, smooth, healthy hair every day, with less time devoted to styling and maintenance.”

Win, win in my books.  My new swish hair is smooth and unfrizzy but still with all its natural kinks.  As Willow Smith says, “I whip my hair back and forth, I whip my hair back and forth.”  Continue ad infinitum for six months.

Range of products shown from the The Global Keratin Hair Taming System with Juvexin.  The treatment is available from Cobella, Selfridges Womenswear, Third Floor, London.  (Tel:   020 7491 1562) and costs £250.

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