Chutzpah’s Weekly Barometer

by Katie on January 21, 2011

A light hearted look back over the past week’s good, bad and indifferent including the “don’t even go there’s”.


Squirrel Appreciation Day (21st Jan)   Every good ad has a squirrel in it.  Every person with a heart likes feeding the little guys.  Did you know a cat raised a baby squirrel and taught it to purr?  Clever and cute.  

REISS Up to 70% off  Sale bargains galore and a whole new season to look forward to.

New Cid Cosmetics  I love finding new ranges that deliver and New Cid is a pretty glam find. The white packaging looks cool and expensive and the product colours are spot on. 

Loving the i-pout Vitamin E enriched Scarlet lipstick (£15) which features a built in mirror for vamped up pillar box lips.  The i-blossom cheek stamp i(£18.50) is user friendly, easy to slot into your handbag and, most importantly the pinkest rose (petal or tulip) that’s easy to stamp on cheeks for instant blush that’s the easiest application.   Available from House of Fraser and Debenhams.  Also on QVC (Item Number 221676) for £15.50.

Return of the Vamps  ‘Being Human’ and ‘True Blood’ back on TV this week. My inner Goth is delighted.

@TEAMCHUTZPAH’s  Milan menswear show reports Skillfully written, incisive and informative. Go tell your men friends and get them to follow the Chutzpah blog. There’s a whole host of reviews posted for Autumn/Winter ’11. Just click on the side bar to view.

Ed Balls appointment as Shadow Chancellor  Osbourne’s soon going to be toast. The Daily Heil (sorry) Mail will hate, natch, which makes me like it more.


The laborious task of applying to every individual PR for LFW show tickets  There’s got to be an easier way.  Goodbye two days of my life.

Jessie J  Affected, bandwagon-jumping nonsense.

Shearling  Who knew common could be so expensive? Cue shops flooded with ugly synthetic versions.

Eliza Doolittle signs to Select  And Diana Vickers loses her front row place to this season’s non-blonde. That’s show business!

Popping to the shops  Mary Portas highlights shoddy service and iffy retail practices just as Monica and Joe and Mr. Porter (Net-a-Porter’s menswear site) are due to launch.  The best advert for online shopping EVER.

Ryanair  Yes, you’re always on time which is terrific and you’re cheap but, call  me sniffy, the additional, extortionate Stanstead Express fare and the dictator like approach to hand baggage and herding is ‘not for me’.  (NB.  I didn’t book it).

Over Tweeters  It’s not v 2011.  Less is more.


If P Diddy is in London  Whateves.

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