Chutzpah’s Weekly Barometer

by Katie on January 15, 2011

A light hearted look back over the past week’s good, bad and indifferent including the “don’t even go there’s”.
2011   Yay!  We’re out of the first rubbish decade.  The first decade of each century is a bit pants.
Loewe S/S ’11 ad by Mert and Marcus  Mariacarla Boscono looks sleek and elegant while the ads are spot on swish.  This, we like.
Todd Lynn  Avoiding the revival spiral and treading his own future-perfect path.  And now chosen as one of the recipients of the Fashion Forward scheme sponsored by Coutts and Co, which will fund his next two shows. 

Gucci Guilty Shimmer Powder  Sparkling with the sweet oriental floral scent of Gucci Guilty fragrance, this is a hedonistic little indulgence purchase.  A light brush in the right places adds a touch of glam Gucci scented shimmer.  Launches on 1st February just in time for Valentine’s Day and retails at £25.  As if you needed an excuse.

My Face Black Ice nail polish  This season’s hot colour.  A metallic shimmering black and wallet friendly at only £5.99.  Available from Boots branches nationwide and

Wella Professionals Velvet Amplifier  Love this!  What a discovery.  The first of its kind; a styling primer which preps hair for styling, improving manageability and control and it’s non greasy.  It leaves hair much more slick, soft and controlable and also maximises the effects of your other styling products.  Priced at £8.55, it’s a steal.

Simpler times  Dolce’s washerwomen and Mulberry’s country house campaigns transporting us away from the current financial and political gloom.

Chris Evans  No, not the ‘Famous and Fearless’ one.  We’re talking of Captain America and the face of Gucci’s new Guilty for Men fragrance.  And, he can bring along his gay brother for your fag bangle to play with.
January    Dark mornings, no money and even fewer good evening events.  Uugh.
Sting and Trudie’s ‘Daily Mail’ sex revelations  Euw, Euw!  Too much information. S and T, no doubt, like to think of themselves as ‘tawdry’.  The rest of us just think sad and desperate, and does this really mean a new Sting album out soon?  God help us.
Louise and Jamie Redknapp’s Thomas Cook ad  Another couple we’ve seen too much of.  Yes, I know it’s been shown for ages and isn’t new but who thought those cruddy accents (‘We dream abbaahr it.  We fall in loffonit’) can sell a fantasy experience that makes you want to rush out and book a holiday.  T Cook selling their customers short.  Plus, enunciate dahlings.

Biba Bride by House of Fraser  Speechless.  Kinda’ the opposite of the original Biba ideology.  Biba girl ‘back then’ would be far too busy getting stoned, listening to Fleetwood Mac and sleeping around than actually, you know, like, planning a white wedding.

Menswear Fashion Weeks  It might be getting brighter now but the men’s Autumn/Winter collections remind us that the next bout of bed binding Seasonal Adjustment Disorder isn’t that far away.
The American Apparel ads  Well, we say ads but actually, it’s soft porn, really isn’t it?  (Think: girl wearing see through lace underwear, girl hanging from a tree with bare behind, topless girl showing her new American Apparel nail polish).  I should be shocked but I’m not, that this company has gone back to its shady roots we discussed on the Chutzpah blog last year. Now this is tawdry.  Someone should mention to this largely female fashion brand that their ads have zero female appeal and that women really don’t get off on this stuff.  (See:   
For Glee  There, I’ve said it.
What do you think of this week’s Barometer loves and hates?  Let me know by leaving a comment in the box below.  I’d love to hear from you.
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