G Star’s London RAW night hosted by Gemma Arterton

by Katie on January 17, 2011

Proving that jeans brands do it better, G-Star have exemplified how to mix music, fashion, art and expression while, into the bargain, getting their brand name known around the world for being a young, hip, innovator that’s nippng at the heels of other well known denim brands.

Last Thursday night, in London, saw a spectacular G Star multi-art event that juxtaposed London’s architecture and history with cutting edge attitudes to art. 

At magnificent venue, One Mayfair, a gorgeous Grade 1 listed, former 19th Century church with stained glass, wooden parapets and, in this over crowded city –  space, London’s chosen art and fashion crew were invited to celebrate G Star’s latest celebration, hosted by actress, Gemma Arterton.

Artists merged with musicians and fashion journalists with designers while live ‘street’ art took place, an exhibition informed, DJ’s rocked up a set and stunning photographic imagery of musoos and their ilk such as Bryan Ferry, Marilyn Manson, Morrissey, Bono and Kate Moss (in a Venetian mask) were flashed on gargantuan screens. 

The event, part art installation, part brand set piece celebrated highlights from the iconic work of Anton Corbijn through a visual exhibition projected throughout the venue.  G Star’s presence was discreetly to the fore and expertly highlighted in the abstract denim art objects placed throughout the venue.

G-Star’s RAW nights bring their brand to life, collecting talent, energy, vision and passion together to create an electrifying ‘only once in a while’ happening. 

I’m glad I was there to experience it.  This is a glimpse of the future of modern art merging properly with fashion and music.

If you’d like to leave a comment about the event, please add your thoughts to the comment box below.  Thank you.
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