Marc Jacobs launches Eau So Fresh to coincide with LFW

by Katie on February 18, 2011

London Fashion Week usually spawns gimmicks aplenty, not all of them relevant nor all that interesting. 
However, readers, those clever people at the Marc Jacobs fragrance division have done something that’s sure to catch the jaded Londoner’s eye and make them feel positively Spring like should they catch sight of one of the four taxis roaming the streets, especially decorated to celebrate the launch of Mr Jacobs new ‘Daisy Eau so Fresh’.
Covered entirely in grass and decorated with eye catching daisies (even the tie-up seat panels have been covered in turf) these fabulously fun Daisy Eau So Fresh taxis will be out in force from 16th February, in London, for one week only.

The new Alberto Morillas (lead perfumeur) Daisy Eau So Fresh is quoted as “vibrant, charming and whimsical.  Daisy Eau So Fresh transports you to a place that is sunny, exuding a youthful spirit with a positively fresh and charmingly simple feeling”.
So, not on a par with standing outside the BFC tents waiting for late shows and being rammed in ad hoc during LFW, then?  I may need a spirtz of Daisy Eau So Fresh to keep me ‘charming and whimsical’ in the ensuing week of shows, dramas and parties. 


Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh is available nationwide from 27th February and priced from £48.00 / 75ml.  Available from The Perfume Shop and other good retailers.

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Anonymous February 18, 2011 at 9:26 pm

why are you bothering to do all these show reviews, they don’t give you or us the opportunity to add /read anything new or interesting, you are a good writer but wasting your talent in this direction…..


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