Charlie Le Mindu’s Squeal for Attention

by Katie on March 1, 2011

Following Charlie Le Mindu’s involvement with Lady Gaga, and the faux red top hysteria following his last catwalk show, I was expecting a crowd – but not of the roadblock proportions that greeted me when I arrived at the new On/Off show space.

Fortunately, a sympathetic PR plucked me from the cold, wet throng and ushered me inside.  As the lights went down I noticed the small child to my left.  London Fashion Week has unfortunately clashed with school half-term this time around, resulting in a number of shows descending into a slightly more fraught version of Take Your Child to Work Day.  Given Le Mindu’s previous, and his Chapman Brothers aping installation, you would have to be an extremely liberal parent to consider this event to be family viewing.  Especially given the performance artists, madams, porn stars, and confrontationally attired club kids littering the front row.

Le Mindu has always set out to provoke and shock, but managed to surpass himself this time around with a Salon Kitty themed collection which was, at times, genuinely disturbing.

Transparent PVC, Nazi symbolism, peaked caps trimmed with strings of pearls, and a bloodstained dress parodying the traditional couture show bridal gown.  These details, though, were secondary to the real money shot here.  Lace gas-masks, one topped with a soft blonde wig, and another which sprouted the same long blonde hair from the breathing apparatus, were an arresting and sinister fusion of fetish and femininity, their brief appearance far more disquieting than the arterial spray which covered a number of pieces, or the recording of pigs being slaughtered which sound tracked the final lineout.

Penned-in and assaulted – probably the most fitting footnote to the Charlie Le Mindu experience
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kirstyb March 1, 2011 at 11:31 pm

fabulous x


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