Ellesse commissions renowned artist Robert McGinnis

by Katie on March 24, 2011

Born in 1959 and specialising in ski and tennis wear, smart Italian label Ellesse has long been recognised as one of the world’s luxury sport brands, supporting the ethos of looking good whilst also working out. 

To add to its recently introduced Italian retro sportswear range, Ellesse has furthered its acknowledgment of its glamorous heritage and has commissioned world renowned artist, Robert McGinnis  to create four vintage inspired illustrations – one for each season of 2011.

McGinnis is known for his illustrations of over 1200 paperback book covers and most famously for his iconic Breakfast at Tiffany’s poster, Barbarella and illustrations for several James Bond films.

The theme of the Ellesse illustrations is (obviously) Italian nostalgia and each painting is set in four different iconic locations around Italy.  Each painting represents “La Vita ellesse” the Ellesse dolce vita lifestyle of passion, freedom and romance.

The Spring image, which launched recently, is set in a Portofino Tennis Club overlooking the Portofino Harbour.  With Ellesse seen as the ultimate Italian Tennis Brand it seemed only natural to use the glamorous Portofino Tennis Club as a fitting backdrop. 
The Summer painting is placed on the Amalfi Cost, at the beach of the Mediterranean sea while “Rome, the city of dreams” is the location of the third Autumn themed painting – six friends cruising the city on their motorcycles with the backdrop set against the Colosseum.  “Cortina’s Winter Playground” high up in the Dolomites is the theme for the last Winter image.

All of McGinnis’ images will be seen in stores, on-line and used for branded competition activities.  Ellesse is available in 54 countries worldwide.

Visit http://www.ellesse.com/ to view the full range.
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