Something of the Night about Miss Pucci Intense

by Katie on May 25, 2011

There’s something of the night about this fragrance.  Usually this statement infers a dark brooding underbelly and a soupcon of malintent, which isn’t far from it.  The beauty is in the bewildering mix of absolute femininity with full-on sensuality.

This fragrance swirls around the wearer like a rich silk, deep purple-black, Pucci swirl scarf, beguiling and bewitching with its heavy sense of exotic heat and other life lived. 

Miss Pucci Intense is overpowering in the grandest sense.  She’s young in feel, though, and can carry off the hedonistic mix of intense floral and earthy woody tones with a slightly arrogant yet charismatic purr.  

Full of self belief and confidence, this fragrance demands to be worn to nightclubs, on holiday, in balmy climes and to glamorous parties. This is a little attention seeker in vertiginous heels and she has red carpets to trip.

Miss Pucci eau de parfum Intense is, indeed, a more sophisticated and elegant version of Pucci woman than seen to date and seems to embody Peter Dundas’s vision and vigour for the brand.  A delightfully sensual fragrance, surrounded and adorned in mystery, Miss Pucci eau de parfum intense is an overtly sensual amber floral.  
And the statement flacon is key to Pucci’s direction of power elegance and sensuality.  The Miss Pucci bottle keeps its original shape (as the day version) but is dressed in darker, sexier shades. The bottle transforms into dark metal, while the the glass bubble sparkles with the colours of a legendary Pucci print.  

Like walking on soft crushed velvet in spike heels, Miss Pucci Intense blends fresh top notes of  Winter lemon freshness with soft, delicate orange blossom.  The huge whiff of beautiful, Arabian jasmine from India merges with the deeper base of woody, amber notes, along with patchouli, and the softer, more sensual tones of benzoin and vanilla. 

Miss Pucci Intense will sure get you noticed.  Be sure to wear designer heels and a knowing smile.  Be prepared.

Miss Pucci Intense launches end of July 2011 and will be available in Harrods and on Harrods on-line as an exclusive.  From £41.00 (30ml), £58.00 (50ml), £70.00 (75ml).

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