The trouble with an ASOS delivery…

by Katie on May 10, 2011

As I sit writing this, I am still parcel less.  That is to say, that the ASOS purchases ‘speedy’ delivery I was looking forward to, can at best be questioned and at worst, lambasted.

Yes, we all know and love ASOS; the constant supply of ever covetable goodies, the on trend fashion, the quality for the price, the range of labels on offer, the brilliant site layout etc… but have you ever ‘tried’ getting a parcel delivered, unless to a work address with an open all hours mail-room?   It’s hell.
The main problem seems to lie with their courier of choice,  Parcelforce.  In my experience (and bear in mind I receive many and varied couriers, deliveries and urgent packages on a daily basis) Parcelforce is questionable re the terms delivery and service.  Would you call a delivery service, buzzing a doorbell for a few seconds (literally) and giving up the ghost before shoving a ‘we tried to deliver’ card through some random address (ie not mine, therefore I didn’t receive this notice) and blatantly lying in their records re the delivery – ie flat unoccupied?   Shoddy doesn’t begin to explain it.  And it’s happened on more than  one occasion.  Testimony to this are the stories you hear from fellow sufferers waiting in line to collect from a PO depot, only open on certain hours, thus retstricting you further from your purchased goods.
Bearing in mind the lacklustre service and the ‘we cannot give you a time to deliver’ attitude, awaiting this parcel has now cost me 3 days at home and 3 days on emails, phone calls and frustration.  
Now, this horror story cannot all be laid at Parcelforce’s door as I first reported this to ASOS, my point of contact after all, prior to mid-day on Friday.  Since then, I’ve had 5 emails and numerous phone calls, assuring me of the ‘escalation’ in terms of priority re this parcel, and yet, I remain parcel less.  That is to say, good people, despite speaking to 3 people on Friday and emailing customer services both Friday and Saturday to request an update, the parcel has still failed to make it onto the Parcelforce van for Monday delivery.  Call that ‘escalating priority’?  I call that slack.  
Furthermore, as an apology for my inconvenience (than you very much), ASOS’s customer policy is to offer a 10% reduction on your next delivery!   That’s like offering a 10% pain reduction on your next wisdom tooth extraction.  The chances of that offer being taken up are nil, presently.  
The other part of the service was to ask me to ‘place the order again’ and they’d refund the last one. Can you imagine the sheer stress of doing that all over again?  At this point, I almost cried with frustration.
Then I had the, ‘we can refund your order’ discussion  (ie.  Please go away, we don’t know how to deal with this one) but I informed that the purchases had been bought via a well intentioned gift card to cheer me up.  Give you a clue.  It hasn’t.
And so, this dilemma is currently unresolved.  ASOS customer relations, despite being extremely polite and very well intentioned appeared to flap like chickens wings when really, all I want someone to do is to take responsibility, stop passing the buck from one service person to another and get the parcel delivered to me the morning of Tuesday, 10th May, any time until 12.30pm.  Seems simple enough, doesn’t it?  I’ve been assured that this will happen after speaking to a very level headed and responsible supervisor and also finally, by a Parcelforce customer relations person who took charge of the situation.  (Yes, I even had to request a call for a supervisor/manager as I was at my wits end).  I’ll even wait in  for a fourth consecutive delivery morning (ie Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday), despite having meetings to attend.  Wish me luck, people.  He conquers who endures.
Have you ever had problems with a delivery like this or have you always been lucky enough to have plain sailing re deliveries?  Please let me know in the comment box below.  Thank you.
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