Willa’s Village Bicycle goes off at Full Speed

by Katie on May 26, 2011

Last night saw the adorable Willa Keswick’s new venture, Village Bicycle, launch at va va voom rate.  

Willa looked and partied like the archetypal rock chic in a Craig Lawrence dress and studded leather jacket.  The perfect hostess, she welcomed each of her guests and everyone soon experienced Willa’s legendary party skills at force 10 volume.

In attendance were designers Dani and Annette Felder, Henry Holland, socialite and columnist Richard Dennen, Jade Parfitt, Luke Pritchard of The Kooks, Tyrone Wood, Burberry model Douglas Booth, TV presenter Zara Martin, Laura Bailey, Julia Restoin-Roitfield, Eliza Doolittle, Poppy and Cara Delavingne and numerous girl about town types.

Champagne and Four Roses bourbon cocktails on tap, a steady stream of socialites, designers, celebrities, models, journalists, musicians and hip Notting Hill’ites threw themselves into the mix and browsed the designer items on display.  

The store became a packed playground with its large perspex tables filled with kiddie sweets, a Red Bull fridge which many signed to add to the ‘we were here’ ambience, and a luminous pink glare as the neon charged crucifix that fill the store blazed.

The young, the carefree and the stylish were joined by older-but-still-up-for-it glam party girls, Jo Wood and Pearl Lowe who circled the store with her daughter, Daisy.

DJ Melanie Blatt (ex All Saints) kicked off the evening with a storming set that evolved with the party throughout the evening before DJ duo, Mary Charteris and Robbie Furz took to the decks.

As the evening continued and the throng grew, the party moved to the street where a moored ice cream van served up treats.

A great launch night for a great new landmark Boho store.

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