Chutzpah’s Weekly Barometer

by Katie on June 10, 2011

A light hearted look back over the past week’s good, bad and indifferent including the “don’t even go there’s”.


Payot Elixir  This bottle of dry oil lushness is the gift that keeps on giving.  Smelling of deeply sexy myrrh and amaryis extracts, this addictive oil smells like a bottled expensive beach holiday.  It’s multi purpose uses mean it can be smoothed onto skin, used on hair as an intensifying shine wrap and also sprayed into bath water for glistening sensuality and well-being.  Forget all those suggested festival ‘must-haves’, this baby is sheer class and a need for the refined, grown-up’s beauty  stash.  Priced at £31, call 0207 494 6220 for stockists.

McQueen’s ‘Savage Beauty’ coming to London? – Two of our favourite ladies, Hilary Alexander and Daphne Guinness, are behind the campaign to bring the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art’s McQueen exhibit back home.  If anyone can do it these two visions of fabulousness can.

Marks and Spencer’s Fashion Brights collection – Boasting the quickest turnaround from inception to execution, ‘Marks and Sparks’ look to the catwalk for a collection of affordable, eye-popping pieces.

Levi’s Water Less Jeans – Levi’s initiative to produce denim using less water is another innovative ecological spin in the flooded (sorry) designer jeans market, and has already won them a Guardian Sustainable Business award.  A judge was heard asking “When you look at Levi’s it begs the question – why aren’t other manufacturers doing this already?”  Indeed.  

‘Visionaries: Tom Ford’ – Yes, I know, we don’t ‘alf bang on about Mr Ford BUT this hour-long fly-on-the-wall documentary promises to lift the lid on the man who redefined the luxury brand in the Nineties.

RI for Designers at Debenhams – A capsule range of eveningwear by the divine Roksanda Ilincic for the high street department chain.  Prices start at £180.  It would be rude not to.

Diane – A lot of expectation is riding on the fourth fragrance from Diane von Furstenberg.  The woody floral, inspired by “memory and addiction”, is described as “powerful and seductive without being aggressive”.  Launching October 2011, Ms Chutzpah can’t wait to get her manicured mitts on this one.

The Chanel ‘Chance’ TV ads – Light, breezy and delightful – we love these  new ads.  Fashion and fragrance and right on brand.

Masters of Style: Celebrating the Stories Behind Italian Fashion’ – Fashion writer and historian, Colin McDowell curates images from six of Italy’s major design houses, who come together at Somerset House to celebrate the 150th anniversary of their country’s unification.  Runs from 1st July to 14th August.  See HERE for further details.

Jane Goldman – With writing credits for hit movies ‘Kick Ass’ and ‘X Men: First Class’ under her belt, expect big things from Jonathan Ross’ voluptuous, flame-haired other half, starting with a post-Potter, Daniel Radcliffe, in an adaptation of gothic horror, ‘The Woman in Black’ next year.

Colour Xtreme Hair Art  Ok, Chutzpah’s fessing up.  She’d secretly love to have a streak of pink, blue or purple but has enough trouble staving off the ensuing grey.  If you must do festivals, at least make it more fun than grunge with this short cut to hip hair product.  Easy to apply and remove.  Only £4.07 from branches of Boots nationwide.  Go on then…


Vanity labels – Kanye West and Robbie Williams’ names add to an endless list of celebrities jumping on the fashion bandwagon once their primary career has hit a dead end.  Whilst Williams’ label, Farrell, sounds like a safe menswear choice we can’t help but wonder what the currently cross dressing Kanye has on the cards.

Agne from E4’s ‘Made in Chelsea’ – Is there no depths to which this strumpet will sink or is she just highly deluded in the extreme?  What a vile little creature this ‘intern’ (read ‘eye candy’) is.  Constantly asking for diamonds, money and using her grating, purring Lithuanian accent to sink over-rich and under developed twenty something men who should really be a bit more sussed to gold-digging.

Ultimo “Couture” – We abhor false advertising, especially when applied to a collection more suited to Essex cocktail bars than Parisian catwalks.
Emma Watson – Poor ickle Emma can’t find a man, bleating that they’re intimidated by her fame.  We’ll give you a clue love.  Men like something a bit more substantial than a girl who’s spent the last decade screaming in front of a green screen, counting her money, and parading her free frocks in the tabloids.   Poor Miss Watson.   Our hearts bleed.
Andrej Pejic – is not the world’s 98th sexiest woman, just a rather confused young man whose androgynous looks have been exploited until the ‘Next Big Thing’ arrives.  Knowing how fashion loves extremes, this will probably be a hairy, 7ft tall deep-sea fisherman who makes Rambo (ask your mum) look like a pantywaister.  To be fair to FHM, statements like “I would consider a sex-change for Victoria’s Secret,” leave a sour taste in the Chutzpah team’s mouths. 

Sugababes – Proving the Law of Diminishing Returns, the Sugababes finally lose the vestiges of whatever made them cool in the first place.  Time for the record company to put them, and us, out of their misery.
‘Pan Am’ –  Drat!  It’s looking like that we’ll have to wait until NEXT YEAR for this ABC series, which promises to do for air hostesses what ‘Mad Men’ did for secretaries.  BOOHOOHOO.

Camden Cyber-Goth Gaga – Oh well done dear, you’ve discovered 1997.
Suri Cruise’s shoe collection – The thin end of the wedge, pun intended.  Tom & Katie’s pampering legitimises Child Protection Services-baiting not-rights like the dysmorphic mother who gave her six year-old daughter a boob job for her birthday.  Let’s hope Suri rebels in later life and provides the best entertainment the Cruises have been involved in for years.
“The New Separates” – Whoever coined this term for the currently en vogue blouse & skirt combo needs to be beaten with the business end of a Louboutin.
Slutwalks –  We firmly believe that all women should dress exactly as they like without fear of attack or intimidation physically or verbally.  However, trying to reclaim “slut” is as misguided as the African Americans who did the same with the ‘N’ word, or gay men and “faggot”.  Verbally abusing yourself is a form of self-harm, and makes light of the cause.  Think on.

Leona Lewis Summer Edition Perfume – Who?
The Cheryl Cole/’X Factor’ Saga – Divorces are often messy affairs, but the breakdown of Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole’s working relationship is messier than most.  Cowell has taken to publicly defending himself and his treatment of Cheryl, whilst Cheryl announced this week that she will auction her questionable wardrobe from ‘The X Factor’ for charity, a symbolic gesture which should say “closure” but screams “BITTER”.  We think it’s a win/win situation for the SyCo publicity machine, but let’s see how Cheryl copes without a regular platform for her lacklustre musical efforts.

Barometer jointly compiled by Katie Chutzpah and Lee Clatworthy (@TeamChutzpah).  Pleases let us know what you think of this week’s likes/dislikes in the comment box below.

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RedlegsinSoho June 10, 2011 at 2:14 pm

I reckon you could rock a royal blue streak, and well on the money with the hatings this week. x


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