Estee Lauder launches Sensuous Nude

by Katie on June 8, 2011

There’s often a great deal discussed in press releases and magazine editorial about ‘the modern woman’.  Like this great species appears every time there’s a movement in terms of fashion or beauty direction.  Boho woman, 1970’s woman, minimalist woman….they’re all there, lying body on body, in terms of print, just waiting for the next newly assigned term to become the predominate descriptor.  The concept of a taste and age evolution with fashion and beauty is  never pinpointed.  Pity, as this is more likely the case.

That’s why I turn my attention to Estee Lauder and the late, great woman’s fragrance development and how she revolutionised how women buy make-up and view beauty as integral to the female experience.  

By the late 1940’s, Ms Lauder had not only introduced the novel try-before-you-buy technique of  ‘sampling’ and skincare to dept stores such as Saks 5th Avenue, but by the early 1950’s had introduced a bath oil that doubled as a fragrance, ‘Youth Dew’, to the shelves of America.  Post war, women recognising their value and earning power, chose fragrance for themselves rather than merely waiting for an indulgent gift from an admirer.  And so began our infatuation with fragrance and how our flirtation with fragrance changes with age, with season and for occasion.  Enter the concept of  an individual’s fragrance wardrobe.

The newest addition to my personal wardrobe, who sits enigmatically whispering softly, ‘wear me’  is ‘Sensuous Nude’ by Estee Lauder.

‘Modern woman’ clap-trap aside, this modern beauty creeps up on you in silky amber footsteps and seduces you quietly but very defiantly.  She’s a grower.  I love her subtle, warm, friendliness that captivates but she has a secret smile and a knowingness:  she’s comfortable in her own skin…a grown up who’s deeply sexy and doesn’t need a plunge bra to show it.

The bare glory of Sensuous Nude is in her reach.  She throws her arms wide to an audience of confident women, comfortable in themselves.  She doesn’t overpower but breathes sexily and deeply on your skin.  Like the finest sand coloured silk brushing your skin, velvet to touch and leaving a trace of luxury, Sensuous Nude’s powerful yet direct, minimal construction is sensual to the core.

There’s a faint sparkle of Sicilian Bergamot and a tingle of Black Pepper to add spice but it’s the intoxicating Jasmine Petals and delicate Muguet combination with a glug of coconut water that sends Sensuous Nude flying.  Layer on musk, sandalwood, amber and a slice of vanilla and we have the ingredients for a very distinctive fragrance.

The advertising features Brazilian Isabeli Fontana (photographed by fashion photographer, Craig McDean) and, says Aerin Lauder, “…was inspired by the original Estée Lauder Youth Dew ad from 1953, which featured the silhouette of a nude woman stepping into a bath.”

We have come full circle.  The original ‘Youth Dew’ ad still plays a pivotal role in defining luxury, and what this means to women today.  Estee Lauder as a business continues to hold dear the original foundations of its brand: to touch women in a meaningful way.  Touche Estee Lauder.

Sensuous Nude previews at Selfridges from 27th June and is available nationwide on counters (such as Debenhams and House of Fraser) and online at from 1st August. 

The collection will have a range of products including Body Veil (£31), Eau de Parfum (from £34 for 30ml), and Limited Edition Touch-On Fragrance (£20). 

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