Fendi releases Fan di Fendi with luxe taste at London’s Whisky Mist

by Katie on June 14, 2011

There are just some brands that reek of luxe whenever the name is mentioned and typically, Fendi, is one of those rare breeds.  Karl Lagerfeld’s design prowess is still prevalent at the brand where he takes it to the max in terms of refinement and style alongside co-collaborator Silvia Venturini Fendi.

With the the rich growing richer, ironically during a recession, Millward Brown’s latest Global Brands report for the Financial Times (19th May 2011) stated that the big brand names are flying high despite the recessionary gloom.  
Overall, the value of the Top 100 brands is up 17% on last year; they are now worth $2,400bn, according to Millward Brown Optimor, the WPP subsidiary that compiles the rankings.  Some brands have gained traction – or even a second wind – on the back of new, growing markets such as China (see Burberry).  Others are quoted as owing their renaissance or continued growth trajectory to visionary leaders, new products or a booming marketplace.  Quite the opportunity for leading brands that reinvest in their heritage and combine with renewed design focus, marketing and social media.
In tune with it’s brand, this fragrance says steely gold bling with an unruffled fur-steeped edge like no other could.  A Fabien Baron designed masterpiece, the double F’s so symbolically meet with approval as does the square statement bottle with it’s black/gold cap and discreet logo name. 

Clean whiffs of tangerine, pear and blackcurrant stumble towards you and meet a floral middle of damascus rose, jasmine and tuberose as the virtual feel of heavy silk imbued with fragrance caresses your skin.  There’s a firm footing of leather at it’s base with the heady whiff of exotic patchouli for pzazz.
What I particularly like is the powerful, clean wateriness of this scent with a gold metallic base.   It never overpowers but speaks style and sophistication in great swathes – like wearing a Fendi baguette slung casually over soft leather, Fan di Fendi makes an impact without even trying.
Stylish, sophisticated and elegant, Fan di Fendi has enough subtlety for day and enough oomph for night time cocktails in plush settings.  As shown in the Fan di Fendi film featuring Anja Rubik, Abbey Lee Kershaw and Karmen Pedaru.  Radiant, self-assured, over-excited and killer sexy, these girls embody the brand at its ethos as they shimmer along to The Kills soundtrack.

The Fan di Fendi range is available from Harrods and all good department stores.

Catwalk pics from A/W ’11 Fendi appear by kind courtesy of www.style.com

Please let me know what you think of the latest Fendi fragrance by leaving a comment in the box below.  Thank you.

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