Rooftop Vista Bar launches at Trafalgar Hotel

by Katie on June 16, 2011

It all got a trite messy after the Fan di Fendi fragrance launch party at Whisky Mist and our resultant rush to get to the Vista launch party after popping into an Marks and Spencer exclusive event on the way.  Oxford Street is a gid killer at best and, following the natural high of Fendi and with the awful roadworks everywhere, it makes getting anywhere nigh on impossible – too many crowds in narrow areas, traffic congestion and stress, uugh!
My friends and I high-tailed it as best and as hurriedly as we could to the other end of Regent Street, as the fabulous new Vista At Trafalgar bar was being launched.  With a view to rival the best in London, we had Nelson’s Column, The London Eye and Big Ben to see (if it weren’t for the copious amount of high-haired blondes and swarthy men lining the outer areas of the balcony).

The views, when we managed to fight through the throng all clutching pink champagne, were breath-taking. The exclusive rooftop bar, Vista at the Trafalgar Hotel would be a perfect hidey hole for tete-a-tete drinks if only fewer people realised it was there.  Saying that, it’s a large space so there’s plenty of wander time in this open air space.  

Located in the heart of London on Trafalgar Square, Vista at The Trafalgar Hotel is sold as a sleek and exclusive space, popular with celebrities and royalty.  
Unfortunately, there weren’t that many breathtaking celebs at the event itself, which focussed largely on the cast of ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ (featured here – frankly wouldn’t know them if they popped up in my soup), interiors designer, Linda Barker and singer, Beverley Knight, who performed a storming set of old favourites and some new tracks from her album Soul UK, later in the evening. The lady still has a voice to wow.
The bar’s worth seeking out and a show-stopper but (she says rather snobbily) can we just bar anything remotely Bridge and Tunnel?.  Thanks.

Click onto Vista at Trafalgar for more information.

Let me know what you think of Vista at The Trafalgar bar in the comment box below.  Thank-you.

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