The Hipness of Halston Woman and Man

by Katie on July 27, 2011

Halston fragrance has seduced me right in the midst of all the hoo haa of its latest business debacle.  

In one of the most shocking latest fashion announcements, investor Harvey Weinstein has departed Halston alongside British businesswoman Tamara Mellon and Sarah Jessica-Parker who was President and Chief Creative Officer (just as she appears on the cover of August’s U.S Vogue).  Halston mainline collection designer Marios Schwab has also since departed proving the influence of Weinstein and his financial and creative pull.  Ben Malka, President of the BCBG Max Azria Group is rumoured to be in line to take the helm of the Halston Heritage Collection label.  We await further news with bated breath.

The news coincides with the fragrance’s growing popularity, still exclusively sold in Harrods.  Halston Woman’s sensuality is instant as the perfume slides onto your skin as easily as a foot sure, jive talking Tony Manero hip swayed on to the dance floor in ‘Saturday Night Fever’ only with much more chic and substance. Pure amber at his heart, the fragrance delves into a weightless veil of tuberose with golden smooth sparkles of Italian Mandarin as an instant hit.

Sweet on first application, the fragrance quickly changes shape as the sweet golden amber heart dries down to a white suede and exotic sandalwood reeking of ‘70’s nostalgia. The fragrance is sweet but not cloying and gently seduces with the ensuing dry down which has depth and elegance with its Patchouli Heart.  This smooth operator is meant for night time shenanigans and the density of a crowded bar/club – sweet seduction.

Halston Man is an altogether different animal and I have it on good authority (from @TeamChutzpah) of it’s pull for men who like the fit, frippish allure of its hip headiness.  Crisply masculine with bursts of Bergamot and brush strokes of Geranium leaves which expand into the amber heart with Myrrh and Labdanum this is bold, sensual and pure.  At the base, there’s a heavy sedated Oud Wood that rocks with drips of musk. This is pure Barry Gibb Bee Gee in his Barbra Streisand ‘Guilty’ phase meets Mr Manero, all unbuttoned shirt and sexual swagger.

The Halston fragrance bottles are designed to perfection as we’d expect from a deeply stylish house. Designer, Elsa Peretti (she of the Tiffany heart design) fashioned these with an ergonomic, bulbous, sexy twist, coated in a warm platinum finish that reflects the fluidity of the original Halston design. Making a statement, these are too good to hide. They speak for themselves and they should. No label is present which is underplayed chic itself.

What we now need is for some fashion genius to buy the brand adding their own touch.  May I suggest Mr Tom Ford.  He’d know how to take it forward while retaining the genius and allure of the original Roy Halston.

Halston Woman Amber and Halston Man Amber are currently exclusively available at Harrods and  Halston Woman starts at £39 for a 30ml EDT and goes to £75 for 100ml EDP.  Halston Man strats at £30 for a 30ml EDt and goes to £59 for a 125ml EDT

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