Velour Magazine’s First Birthday Party

by Katie on July 25, 2011

Of course I was looking forward to attending swish, fashiontastic Velour magazine’s first birthday party.  It was being held in association with my favourite jewellery designer, Mawi, had Tanqueray gin as a sponsor (*thumbs up sign*), promised model David Gandy’s attendance and was also being held in The Cuckoo Club in Swallow Street, a venue I had never attended.

Starting with the latter, the ownership of this club seems to change hands as often as I change my shoes.  It’s deemed as a glitzy, West End Private Members club but in my opinion, all the pink fluorescent light and all the celebrities in the world couldn’t make up for what is basically a pink tinged square room with a (fag-burned) net curtain to divide the VIPS (or lack of) which doesn’t help mingling or movement (and increases shoving and frustration) and also gives off little atmosphere despite the valiant attempts of quirky DJ’s ‘Broken Hearts’ (pictured below) and the flowing Tanqueray gin and vodka in the usual sickly pink drink style that has been the choice du jour of Summer events 2011.  Add to this, the constant mopping of the floor spillages (and the multitude of designer shoes) by the Cuckoo Club cleaners during the full height of the party and the constant “excuse me’s” due to the shonky club layout and it was rather hard to concentrate on having a good time.

The crowd were as mixed as my feelings about this party – all the right elements were thrown together yet somehow, just somehow it didn’t quite work. The Velour Magazine contingent were unmistakable and fashion forward just as were the Mawi crew who blinged like only they could.   (I had also worn my Mawi glitz bracelet for the occasion).  But it was the suited and booted investors and football types who seemed to kill the edge on this gig as well as the constant milling of bodies shuffling about the one square room.  

I’ve no doubt had a better venue been secured and had the drinks been less weak, this party would have had all the trappings of a hit.  As it is, the only celebs that I saw as well as the usual fashion faces were David Ginola (*I know face*), David Gandy with girlfriend Mollie King from The Saturdays, burlesque star Immodesty Blaise and actress daughter of David & Carrie Grant, Olivia Grant (below).  

And that’s just it, the celebrity contingent seemed incongruous with the hipness of the fashmag and were more in keeping with the club itself. Quelle dommage. The magazine and its distinctive editorial style deserved better.  There’s always next year.

All pictures courtesy of Marcus Dawes.

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