Chutzpah’s Weekly Barometer

by Katie on August 20, 2011

A light hearted look back over the past week’s good, bad and indifferent including the “don’t even go there’s”.

Celebrity Big Brother (Channel 5) – Even though we don’t know who more than half of them are, the term ‘celebrity’ is more than dubious and just who can understand what Kerry, Tara and Paddy are rambling on about in their slurred conversations?  

Elliot Rhodes iphone covers (£74.50) – Mock croc leather in lots of colours. Currently coveting the beige version.  Seek them out in Covent Garden or King’s Road.

Kate Spade’s coming to London – With her own store opening just off Sloane Square at the beginning of September, Kate’s welcome brand of New York preppy deb and her gorgeous shoes and leathers are a New York sassy addition to the Capital.

Boot’s No 7 Intelligent Balance Mousse Foundation (£12.50) – It’s back!  So Boots can be forgiven though fists were shaken when I suddenly couldn’t get hold of this venerable staple.  Why choose to discontinue such a popular whipped mousse with the perfect shade of Ivory (and 3 others) I’ll never know.  It caused such an outcry from customers throughout the UK (you only have to read the customer comments) that Boots have done a 360 degree turn and re-introduced this product.  It’s coverage is wonderful, it’s shades are spot on and it’s light and airy to wear.  A firm favourite in the Chutzpah product top twenty.  Good work for listening to your customers, Boots.

Vogue’s Fashion Night Out (London) – We have 8th September etched in our diaries.  Loved this and the atmosphere it created last year.  Let’s hope this year’s even better. Roll on the invitations.

Peaches –  Lush.  The very taste of Summer.

Snakeskin – Escaping from accessories onto coats, dresses, and shirts everywhere.  Approved.

Coach Duffle Bag – Upscale American luggage brand Coach reissue the iconic Duffle bag especially for New York’s Fashion’s Night Out on September 8th.  With limited availability in only five US stores, it’s time to start calling in those New York favours.

Brand Bribing – Naff slebs devaluing your brand? (FYI, we can think of more than a few).  Follow Abercrombie & Fitch’s lead and just pay them off.  Or, go one even better and pay them to wear your competition?

St Tropez’s Instant Glow and Body Lotion – A quick fix move to a softer than soft tan. And it washes off. What more does a girl need?

Harrods – Is it us or is Harrods currently pwning its competitors in the digital realm? After embracing social media and phone apps, expect an online magazine and mobile site for smart phones and tablets this Autumn.

Victoria’s Secret – No, not ANOTHER pregnancy.  The other sexy one.  Finally coming to the capital. London’s straight male population (there is one, apparently) are counting down the days.

The PR ‘Happy Friday’ email – I know it’s just intended as a nice opener but really guys, it reeks of insincerity.

The Begging Tweet – More heinous is the ‘Jim’ll Fix It’ type tweet aka ‘I’d love a job doing nice stuff in fashion and social media’.  (Yes, sweetheart, some of us did anything for a start but it’s all about the attitude and the ambition),  ‘Please can I have a re-tweet as it’s my birthday?’ and ‘Can anyone tell me stuff to write about?’  All these are henceforth being consigned to ‘unfollow’.

Fashion Crassness – Patricia Field criticising David Cameron’s weight (believe us, that’s the last of his worries given new allegations regarding his Chancellor), an irresponsible Natalia “I actually love the feeling of a hangover” Vodianova, and Karl Lagerfeld voicing his disapproval of ugly children.  Thank God that he’s a biological full-stop.  Failing to engage your brain before opening your mouth doesn’t do the fashion industry’s already shallow reputation any favours.

House of Dereon – It takes an insane talent to make all-round diva and goddess Beyonce Knowles look rough, but it must be a real kick in the hospital parts when it’s your own mother. Already termed “House of Deadwrong” by fashion insiders, expect to cast it aside in your hunt for cut-price Chloe in your local TK Maxx.

Stirrup Pants– How much further can designers scrape the Eighties barrel?  Horrid then and pointless now.

“Blirt” – A blouse that’s a bit like a shirt.  Apparently publishing groups pay journalists to invent words like this.  Enough already.

Leigh Lezark for H&M – So last decade.


Mary & House of Fraser – Woah! We know. Controversial. But don’t ever say that Team Chutzpah is too afraid to slaughter some sacred cows – and they don’t get any more sacred than the Patron Saint of Fashion Retail, Mary Portas.  We’ve even been big fans but just where do we begin with this allegedly well-intentioned vanity project?  The overpriced catalogue-y clothing line “designed” in collaboration with Antonio Berardi?  The under- the- radar conflict of interest accessories tie-in with Mary’s PR clients, Clarks and Radley?  Or the claims that women over 40 are invisible which seems to be more ‘smoke & mirrors’ perpetuated by businesses to capture a growing demographic, yet this has featured in more fawning editorial copy this week than is strictly necessary.  Whilst one of Mary’s diktats to customers is “don’t buy rubbish”, some may say this is outrageously dismissive and out of kilter in a time of UK recession, mass unemployment, global market crashes and civil unrest.  Normal people don’t willingly seek  ‘to buy rubbish’. Some just don’t have the choice and moreover, don’t seek to be patronised.

Please leave us a comment and let us know what you think of this week’s Barometer jointly compiled by Lee Clatworthy (@Teamchutzpah) and Katie Chutzpah.

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RedlegsinSoho August 20, 2011 at 4:34 pm

Spot on with the Mary Portas comments, nothing there that isn’t already there on the High Street. x


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