Chutzpah’s Weekly Barometer

by Katie on August 14, 2011

A light hearted look back over the past week’s good, bad and indifferent including the “don’t even go there’s”.

ZARA – Team Chutzpah has a love/hate relationship with the Spanish retailer, but they seem to be pushing all of the right buttons this season with strong women’s and men’s collections.  Just loving the metallics, textural clashes and strict structure of the lines.  And, the prices look back on track.  Well done indeed.

VIKTOR & ROLF’S BATH CAVIAR –  A tad pricey at £60 but an ideal Christmas pressie request, beautifully packaged scented pearls are presented in a branded, faceted glass jar.  The sweet smell of combined jasmine sambac, catleya orchid, cenitiflora rose and patchouli hits you as the warm water works its magic. Available at dept stores from September 2011

OPTIMISM – Yes, there is still some out there, despite the recent troubles on the country’s streets and in the financial markets. Luggage firm Coach and luxury Italian brand Etro’s recently-opened flagships on New and Old Bond Street keeps up super brand retail interest in the Capital.
IZZY LANE AND TOPSHOP – Collaborate on a mini collection of toasty Winter coats manufactured  from ethically-produced wool to coincide with Wool Week, which starts 5th September. Prices from £195.

HILARY DEVEY – Officially AMAZING. Those wigs! That jacket! That gravel voice!  A modern icon.

HENRY HOLLAND AND WOMEN’S AID– A range of “I’m a real man” T-shirts supporting anti-domestic violence campaign Women’s Aid are available through Debenhams’ stores and online.  We think you’ll agree that this a more-than-worthy message.

EVERYTHING BUT THE DRESS – High street footwear daddies, Kurt Geiger launch their debut accessories line through a pop-up Mayfair boutique.  Prices range from £40 to £450.

HILDA MAHA’S RANGE OF STATEMENT COATS  – Ex St Martin graduate’s statement use of print and colour make her one to watch (pictured left).

ESPRIT RCA LTD EDITION – Esprit teams up with Victoria Hill, Amelie Marciasini and Katie Hildebrand, three students from the Royal College of Art, to produce a capsule collection of dresses, denim, and knitwear with a focus on craftsmanship and sustainability (yes, those words again). Available from September.


THE UK’S AWNING GAP BETWEEN WEALTH & POVERTY – Read how the rot runs deeper than a mob of street urchins running amok HERE.  And it’s in The Telegraph shocka.

MATCH.COM ADS – “The girl on the platform smiled…..” plus a ukelele = *smash* *smash* *smash*

CHRISTMAS – Can we please get the September issues out of the way first?

PHOTOSHOP OF HORRORS –  If Kate’s Moss’s daughter’s fingers in the wedding pics and and the slim, beautiful Duchess of Cambridge can’t escape the rabid retouchers, what hope is there for the rest of us?

MISTIMED BRAND TWEETS – In the event of a four minute warning, we suspect that some PR’s will still be tweeting about their company’s products.  Social media should be used to engage with consumers, not just act as a free advertising tool and operated by a 22 year old who hasn’t gone through crisis management training.  Please refer to the ‘Hi, what are you all doing tonight?’ and ‘Today we’re loving tweed’ type tweets mid major urban riots as the nation sweated and held its breathe and waited for sanity and law & order to return.

HELLO KITTY AND LIBERTY – Sorry, we love Liberty but this set the Twee Alarm off at Chutzpah Mansions.  A worrying entry-level window to the world of chintzy tat pushed by Cath Kidston and Kirstie Allsopp, and only for girls too young to remember the horror of ‘Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady’ in the Eighties.

OLLY MURS’ ‘HEART SKIPS A BEAT’ – Surprisingly really, REALLY good.  We might have to start being nice about him if he eventually manages to find some jackets that fit.

DAVID CAMERON –  Apologies politics hatas but please hear us out.  Already tainted by the phone hacking scandal which also questioned the integrity of our police force, “Call me Dave” refused to return from his Tuscan villa for 3 days whilst our nation’s youth and under-privileged ran riot in their local areas, thus underlining his party’s disinterest in the poorest urban areas.  Fact: This govt reacted faster to the news that England’s cricket team had become the world’s no 1 than to the biggest crisis in over a century in its cities.  Enormous tsk.


GERI HALLIWELL – A new album from talent deficit Geri is, apparently “in the can”.  Unlike her bandmate Mel C, whose new single ‘Think About It’ we actually quite like , we don’t understand why Geri’s still here (yes, The Gays love her, but then they like to love anything tragic*). Maybe she could write another book? ‘When I Was Relevant’? It would be easier to ignore. *source @Teamchutzpah

FOR SUNDAY NIGHT TV – Get a move on Autumn TV schedulers. There’s only so much ‘Countryfile’ and naff repeats a girl and gay can take.

This week’s Barometer was jointly compiled by Lee Clatworthy (@Teamchutzpah) and Katie Chutzpah.  Please let us know what  you think of the likes/disliked by leaving a comment in the box below.  Thank-you.

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