Diesel’s new Loverdose

by Katie on August 10, 2011

When Diesel release anything you know it’s aimed at a funky youth crowd in their late teens and early twenties, full of high jinks and loving life.  And that’s no different for Diesel’s latest fragrance release, Loverdose.

The bottle is a tactile, large, bevelled edged purple heart with black cap, a statement in itself should the youthful user pull this from a handbag in a nightclub loo.  This signifies youth, a love of bling and brand as well as a step onto the ladder of niche designer fragrances.

It’s not for me as it’s sweet nature tends to overwhelm (as I’m a chypre and heavy oriental girl – always will be)  but it’s targeted at sweet toothed, bright colour wearing, GHD straightened hair girlies with too high heels, all visible bra straps and giggles.  

It smells faintly of Jean Paul Gaultier’s Classique but is sweeter vanilla tinged rather than edgy and is termed as a woody oriental with a liquorice heart.  There’s a slight sparkle and spiciness with mandarin and star anise and an overwhelming whiff of sambac jasmine and gardenia – this is what gives the sweetness.

Sweet and audacious this is and a perfect gift for a younger sister or niece who are one with the Diesel brand.  However, this fragrance suddenly makes me feel very old for a jeans wearer.  I wonder when J Brand will release a fragrance?  That’s more my vibe.
Loverdose is available nationwide 24th August 2011.  RRPs: 30ml EDP £35.00; 50ml EDP £47.50; 75ml EDP £58.00; 200ml Body Lotion £22.00
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