Gucci Guilty Intense ramps it up but doesn’t rock the boat.

by Katie on August 31, 2011

Gucci Guilty grew on me.  It launched in 2010 in a blaze of glory, all sexy ads and sleek intertwining G’s holding the seductive juice so it was bound to get lots of media attention.

At first I thought it a bit samey but nothing to get your knickers in a twist over but, I have to say, putting on the occasional spray led to quite a few comments re what I was wearing so, it’s certainly got ‘something’. Gucci’s Frida Giannini aimed this warm oriental floral fragrance at a ‘young, sexy and slightly dangerous’ woman and Evan Rachel Wood caught the mood and the verve of the fragrance.  So successful has this launch been that it won Best New Fragrance in Sunday Times Style Awards as well as as a Fragrance Foundation FiFi Award for Best New Woman’s Fragrance in February 2011.

A business loves a winner.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving.  And the next logical conclusion is to ‘improve’ on the cash cow winner and appeal to the existing audience and, if ramped up enough, a new audacious market who want the appeal of a newer, sexier offer. Welcome to Gucci Guilty Intense.

My first thoughts on presentation were ‘it looks A LOT like the old one’. Which is no doubt intentional.  As well as keeping the product and brand consistent, the Joe Schmo customer can pick either and get lucky. The only difference in the bottle is that a darker hue of glass is used – the product still reads Gucci Guilty not Gucci Guilty Intense so I’m guessing this is more about using existing stock bases of outer product packaging.  The box also has the double G’s filled in…but not enough for your ordinary customer to notice much of a difference.  In fact, the differences had to be pointed out to me.

What Gucci Guilty Intense for Women does is exactly what it says – make everything more intense while keeping the key elements constant.  Firstly, it’s an Eau de Parfum not and EDT.  The pink pepper, lilac and heliotrope are all still there but it’s the extra rush of patchouli that has the focus with a slightly richer amber depth.  It’s a ‘club’ perfume as opposed to a ‘day’ version and that, readers, is about all that I can say about it. Yes, it’s more in your face and decidedly more dark and aggressive (in a nice way) than Gucci Guilty  but, as I have inferred, this is more about keeping things constant and appealing to an ‘already sold’ audience and marketing machine than throwing all the cards in  the air and going all out to bedazzle. 

If you like Gucci Guilty, you’ll certainly like this.  Just don’t expect bells & whistles though apart from the great big marketing push.

Gucci Guilty Intense for Women and for Men is available at all good stores including The Perfume Shop.

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