Basso & Brooke’s ‘Journey Through Clothes’ for S/S’12

by Katie on September 28, 2011

Fashion has finally caught up with Basso & Brooke. Inaugural winners of the Fashion Fringe award and pioneers of digital print they may be, but previous collections were declared “difficult” by buyers. Nevertheless, Bruno Basso and Chris Brooke have steadfastly held their course, and next Summer could well be their moment.

You can’t discuss digital prints these days without mentioning womenswear wunderkind Mary Katrantzou, and whilst Basso & Brooke’s collection doesn’t share the severe structure and tailoring of Katrantzou’s, it does explore similar themes – namely the juxtaposition of the natural world and the manmade, albeit in a more oblique manner.

Taking an epic London to Beijing road trip as inspiration, Basso has clashed lushly tropical foliage with abstract seascapes and murky Siberian vista, bold, angular designs which evolve from piece to piece, literally creating “a journey through clothes”. These prints are then draped and tailored by Brooke, the resultant collection being elegant and ladylike, yet utterly of the moment.

But what happens when that moment passes? The New York and Milan catwalks have been flooded with prints of varying success. In a market saturated with colour and pattern, can Basso & Brooke rise above their peers?  Only time will tell.
Review written by Lee Clatworthy (@Teamchutzpah) for Katie Chutzpah blog.
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