Blackberry & BBM Music Party – When Music and Fashion Collide

by Katie on September 21, 2011

It was quite a shock. After having survived five arduous days of non stop, back to back on & off schedule London Fashion Week shows (slightly more grueling than Military Fitness Boot Camp), I needed a mental and physical break. With somewhat trepidation, Team Chutzpah and I strolled up to Sketch (read swanky restaurant/bar/club for those outside London) in the hope that we’d be fed and watered and have a different ‘musso’ experience at the Blackberry Collection and BBM Music Party at Sketch.  

Firstly, Team Chuzpah hates Jessie J so this was already ominous. Her over-pronounced stage school, West End Musical Theatre syntax, acting out emotions and mannerisms tend to put a downer on her considerable voice which is a shame…but you can’t please everyone I suppose and teen girls and stay- at-home mums just love her.  

Secondly, the queue outside Sketch. Egads the queue. Following the London Fashion Week normality of Japanese journos wearing caps with bunny ears, men in full drag, women in full drag, legions of (alleged) street style victims desperate to make their mark on the world, the profusion of carefully attended blonde highlights and hoards of Pradas, Mulberrys, Chanels and Celines of the fashion press you’d think I’d savour ordinariness?  Yup. So did I, but the shock of down at heel footwear paired with four season old (washed out) high street, bad trainers and even worse…not a hair product or manicure in sight, nearly brought me out in hives.  Yes, yes, I know it sounds snobbish and elitist and people will be tsk’ing as they read, but it just goes to show that what’s Norma Normal in one industry is the devil’s work in another.

Inside, the event was teaming with music industry types, all being cool and ‘Hey Man’ ing and high-fiving one another with not an air-kiss in sight.  The various rooms and chill out spaces were crowded and buzzing which I’d expect from a cutting edge brand like Blackberry and there were plenty of TV celebs like McFly (obligatory), Adam Garcia and fodder from Big Brother, The Only Way is Essex and Made in Chelsea, like a reality TV orgy with additional posing and posturing.  

Cocktails (just the two choices) and beer were flowing for a while but still didn’t encourage the masses to dance so that’s another considerable difference – The Diesel/10 Magazine party only had to throw champagne at us employ great DJs and within an hour the place was rocking. Fashion people know how to cut loose.  And then the cocktails ran out – sacrilege in the fashion industry. The perverseness of champagne for elevenses and onwards for LFW’s duration (mostly courtesy of Top Shop’s magnificent show catering and the other various events and screenings) had normalised what we expect.  And, for the record, Team Chuzpah doesn’t even drink.

Blackberry’s social media prowess is second to none and I was impressed with the huge screen, live digital twitter board (just like at the Rimmel/Kate Moss party that kicked off LFW) which relayed the #BB7Collection tweets and encouraged attendees to put their name in lights.

We left, unfortunately, pre Jessie J perfomance just as my scrolling text reading, Going to a music event after #LFW, you realise all the shoes are rather *ahem* cheap,” flashed up on board.  It must have done. My followers increased.

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