Bottega Veneta perfume launches with discreet aplomb

by Katie on September 3, 2011

Bottega Venetea could give lessons in how to make a discreet yet memorable entrance.

The only edges creative director Tomas Maier ever ruffles are literal not metaphorical – the intricate weaves of the gorgeous leather that’s become the raison d’etre of Bottega Veneta and the treatments of the fabrics he employs in his ladylike collections for this upmarket label. Deliberately obtuse yet refined, in Maier’s A/W ’11 collection, the hems of corset dresses were shown as though they’d been put through a paper shredder, swishing back and forth underneath overlays of that same black lace.  Time and time again, he manages to pull off well-executed, polished collections that are so focused they could show many other design houses how to stay on course.

So, when Bottega Veneta announced the launch of their first foray into perfume, ‘the fragranistias’ wondered how this would look and feel. True to form, this fragrance, packaging and launch is 100% true to the brand…what else did we expect?

Finally crafted understated elegance through and through from its discreet amber hue to the nude leather tie-string detail on the bottle neck, the spray that finely mists not sprays, the understated logo and the Venetian inspired frosted glass bevelled base in the distinctive BV weave style that also acts as like a paperweight with a misty opaque glow, the soft pale cafe au lait coloured box…the packaging delivers on this artisan brand through and through.  And then we have the juice….

If ever a perfume embodied feminine discreet luxury, this is it.  It is remarkable feminine.  Soft and uplifting like a Mediterranean city breeze wafting through an airy apartment strewn with large cubist leather sofas and with a resounding click of heels on parquet flooring as an accompaniment that delivers the ultra feminine, modernist classic kick.  This is a woman, not a girl but one who flirts with classicism while retaining a definite aura of leather imbued sexiness.

Bottega Veneta’s powdery powerful nudeness is a welcome beige in this fragrant world of pink, pink, pink.  Maier says his inspiration came as a dream of the Venetian countryside – suffused with warmth, sunshine and the gentle sound of cicadas with an elegant villa as a vision.  It works.  The beauty of this perfume (and it is a beauty) is its ability to be both sensuous and subtle while working it’s magic as it wafts and weaves, just like Bottega Veneta’s fine leather wear.  A gorgeous light floral chypre, it marries freshness with leathery tones and the spicy warmth of bergamot, patchouli and oak moss – a natural Eastern nod to Venice’s place at the centre of the traditional spice route.

As international players, BV know their market.  The fact that they have employed the creative services of legendary photographer, Bruce Weber and international fashion model, Nine D’Urso, daughter of French fashion icon Ines de la Fressange and Italian businessman and art dealer, Luigi d’Urso, to  transmit ‘the soul’ of this perfume says more about the global chic and  kudos of this brand – elegant, individual and cosmopolitan.  The fact remains, the perfume is a winner, the creative translation is the cherry on top.  

Maier’s brand of thought constructed minimalism is to be admired. If only a few others could learn from this.

Bottega Veneta is now on sale nationwide. Eau de Parfum priced at £42 for £30ml, £60 for 50ml and £75 for 75ml.  Bottega Veneta is also available as a shower gel, body lotion and body cream.

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