Chanel’s new No.19 POUDRE pours on Ladylike Sophistication

by Katie on September 26, 2011

Flankers, my dear perfume curious people, are the adjuncts to the perfume industry’s need for newness while retaining hard core brand audience and identity.  

These are fragrances released to capitalise on the success of the brand and the scent of an already popular fragrance while adding a dash of ‘something else’ that will entice loyal fans as well as potential newbies. And there are hundreds out there….That’s why, when a brand as weighty and dependable as Chanel offers up flankers to their eponymous fragrances, one shifts a little uncomfortably with a ripple of anticipation. Will they live up to expectations?

Chanel 19’s POUDRE shimmers, square set in it’s distinctively heritage bottle, pale lime green and temptingly curious. If green is associated with envy then it can only be that perfumer, Jacques Polge, has managed to extend and distill No.19’s prowess and familiarity while adding more than a soupcon of difference in the new age musks. Although clearly less green, No.19 POUDRE diffuses an incisive freshness on first contact with a zesty sensation of Grasse Neroli and mandarin.

This is both a vibrant and gentle wake up call that has the wearer longing to dress up in ladylike attire, all dirndls, swagger and peplums so prevalent in the recent spate of Spring/Summer ’12 runway shows. What I loved about No.19 Poudre is its ability to captivate; Really captivate and enthrall when so many replicas are simply watered down versions for watered down personas. Not so with No.19 POUDRE. This is a lady born of good taste and nonchalance, with kitten heels and bon viveur, who charms and delights her audience.

On first application, the rush of Neroli and Orange are unmistakable as is the underlying sense of No.19’s delightfully heavy past, and the Iris Pallida that makes the scent so unmistakable.  What is new is the heavenly powdery lightness that brushes the skin and sends ‘bisous’ like a breathe of fresh floral air. Tres uplifting. Jacques Polge’s genius lies in adding another layer of musk and thus, another layer of air like texture.  This perfume unfolds perfectly with layer upon layer of charisma for a well-defined personality in well-heeled propriety. 

Freshness, warmth and debutante delight in a bottle. I like.

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Fashion-isha March 16, 2012 at 5:44 am

That green dress is beyond divine!


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