Chutzpah’s Weekly Barometer

by Katie on September 30, 2011

A light hearted look back over the past week’s good, bad and indifferent including the “don’t even go there’s”.


John Lewis TV ad  – A big dose of sentimentality and nostalgia using classic tunes. Thank God they’ve ditched the sickly ‘More than a Woman to Me’.

YSL Collector’s edition Touche Eclat – The staple product of any make-up bag has just launched a special edition with a smooth velveteen Y, to celebrate 25 years of YSL’s Tuxedo which helped redefine the modern woman. On counters from 21st Sept priced at £25.

Ultrasuede:In Search of Halston’ – Amateur filmmaker Whitney Sudler-Smith’s documentary charts the rise and decline of the Roy Halston, the American fashion designer who literally became a victim of his own success.

Marni  – The cult Italian label coveted by fashion insiders signs a fragrance deal with beauty giant, Estee Lauder, with a debut scent to be launched around this time next year. A BFD (Big Deal) in the perfume world. Katie is already counting down the days.

Nars Autumn ’11 collection Known for creating wow looks on the NY catwalks, Nars continue to make a dynamic splash with their offer for Autumn ’11 (right).  With concealers to suit every skin colour and the fabulous electric blue Outremer eye colour and Bourbon ‘longer than life’ eye liner, we know what we’re wearing this October.  Available from SpaceNK.

Cos – FINALLY online, meaning those of us outside of London’s Zone 2 can grab a slice of the H&M-owned brand’s subtle chic.

The Rifat Ozbek Revival – As the print trend reaches saturation point, we’re thinking that Ozbek’s early 90’s ‘Nirvana’ collection could be the next stop for savvy stylists. Katie wore it first time round and is unearthing it as we speak.

Carine Roitfeld – Also launching next Autumn, a new magazine with the ex-Paris Vogue editor on the masthead promises to be the hottest, and possibly most controversial, September issue of recent years. (Pictured right. Photo: Hedi Slimane)

Ryanna Boots by Pirelli Pzero –  A rubber ankle boot with a 3” stiletto heel for when the rain inevitably returns. 

Valerie Steele’s ‘The Impossible Collection of Fashion’ – The director and curator of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology selects the 100 most iconic dresses of the 20th Century. A reassuringly spendy slab of coffee table clothes porn. Available from Assouline.

Crazy P ‘When We On’ – The Mancunian disco troupe follow up their acclaimed 2008 album ‘Stop, Space, Return’ with perhaps their most mature offering yet.

Raf – Once again the talented Belgian owned Milan Fashion Week with yet another sensational collection for Jil Sander. Makes you wonder why his name hasn’t cropped up more during the Dior/Givenchy speculation? (Spring/Summer ’12 pictured left).


The Alexander Wang/Dior Rumours – Possibly the most ridiculous suggestion yet, whoever mentioned these two names in the same sentence either needs to take some time out for mental observation, or find another job.

Facebook Format Changes Why? Just why would you constantly change an already successful and useful format to a random ‘recent stories’ and ‘from earlier today’ format? GYAC, if I want to know what’s happened, I’ll scroll back. Just another example of techies not understanding how someone actually, you know, *uses* the product.  And what’s with the non appearance of the first letter you type on FB?  Most odd and deeply mithering. Take note.

“Toning Shoes” – Fitness snake oil which has already cost sportswear giant Reebok $25,000,000, with the Federal Trade Commission looking into claims by their rivals. You seriously thought that some shoes would do the work for you? Is your name Dorothy?

Kate Middleton Goes to Top Shop – And the tabloids writers reach new levels of nauseating. “She’s just like us!” – yes, we’re amazed that you averted your gaze from photos of her sister’s arse long enough to finally realise that.

That D&G is R.I.P – Going out on a high with a suitably brash Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Thanks for the memories guys (and thanks for Team Chutzpah’s favourite T-shirt). D&G is dead – LONG LIVE DOLCE & GABBANA!

PRs who ‘Close the Guest List’ pre event – I mean, WTF?  It isn’t some cheap club night where it’s ‘first come, first served’ in terms of RSVPs. Event organisation is not just about filling a room. A lesson on how not to ‘p’ off press is in order for all offenders, methinks.

Freshers – We find it hard to believe that some unthinking parents have let their little treasures go off into the big wide world without teaching them important skills like…keeping out of our way when we’re shopping, for instance. Oh, and FYI sweethearts, that isn’t free money that you’re frittering away in Harvey Nichols, you’ll be paying it back for a VERY. LONG. TIME.

Fashion Furniture Malfunctions – The real shock is that it’s taken this long for the flimsy benches used as fashion show seating to go tits-up, as seen at Balenciaga (and nearly happened at Temperley). There are times when we’ve prayed for something like that to happen to take our minds off what is coming down the catwalk.

Prada Spring/Summer 2012 – After the confounding Prada Candy perfume and a couple of WTF? seasons Miuccia dials it down a notch but still fails to push our buttons. (Pictured right).  It doesn’t come as a surprise to discover that Prada’s ready-to-wear is the company’s weakest division.

For Mary’s myth that over 40’s can’t find clothes on the High Street, soon to be seen on a TV near you – Recent NY catwalk collections seem to be specifically aiming at Michelle Obama (a 47 year old mother of two).  Also, walk into any UK dept store and there are dozens, neigh, hundreds of labels on offer. What is true is that most of the brands are largely irrelevant in terms of fashion trend & direction or need brand focus and clearer positioning and quickly. Smoke and mirrors, my dears. Smoke and mirrors. Do you buy it?

Fresh Meat (Channel 4) – Yes, we know it has the same writers as ‘Peep Show’ but it just isn’t very funny.

Barometer compiled by Lee Clatworthy (@TeamChutzpah) and Katie Chutzpah. Please feel free to leave your comments in the box below re our likes/dislikes.
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Anonymous September 30, 2011 at 1:07 pm

I’m quite enjoying Fresh Meat. Its too long at an hour to sustain lots of quality jokes, but has lots of potential.


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