Chutzpah’s Weekly Barometer

by Katie on October 14, 2011

A light hearted look back over the past week’s good, bad and indifferent including the “don’t even go there’s”.


Dior and Anselm Reyle – A first for Dior as they team up with German artist, Reyle, for an eye-popping capsule range of accessories and make-up, conspicuously similar to Marc Jacobs’ Vuitton collaborations with Stephen Sprouse and Richard Prince. Is this a sign? (Photo from WWD)

More Anna Bashing – This time courtesy of fruity gallic frockmeister Jean Paul Gaultier. With fashion week discussions continuing, there seems to be little entente cordiale between established French designers and the merciless matriarch of US Vogue. They should film this.

Origins New Plantscription anti-Aging Eye Treatment – While we’re not trying to hold back time, any eco-based product that helps aid the sensitive, fragile skin around the eyes is good in our books and this product helps to combat fine lines and crepey skin within 4 weeks.  £35 from all Origins retailers.

Bastyan Collaborare – Chutzpah fave, the under-rated and ever switched on Tonia Bastyan launches a seasonal line designed by British artisans. The first collection, created in cahoots with textile maven Vanessa Harrington and fashion designer Yong Fong, debuts next season.

Glamorama: The Movie – An adaptation of Brett Easton Ellis’ satire of vapid Nineties celebrity culture by ‘Rules of Attraction’ director Roger Avary starts filming next year.

Chanel: The Vocabulary of Style – Kaiser Karl sweeps Chanel’s cobwebs away with this new project, contrasting iconic images from the house’s archive with his own contemporary styling. Published by Thames&Hudson in November.

The Duchess of Alba – Spain’s feisty octogenerian gossip magnet remarries, simultaneously becoming a poster girl for growing old disgracefully, bad surgery, and the rehabilitation of an anachronistic aristocracy. We suspect that she might possibly be the best night out ever.

Avenue 32- Intriguingly describing itself as “your luxury shopping neighbourhood online”, this high-end fashion e-commerce site launches in November.

Shu Uemura teams up with director Wong Kar Wai for an amazing Christmas colour palette selection with names, Burning in Water and Drowing in Flame that are as exciting as the offer with stand out holographic cases. £39 from  While your’e there check out Shu Uemura’s unrivalled range of bling lashes. Truly fashion glam and a million miles from drag queen versions.

The Lana Del Rey Authenticity Debate – Love or hate the song (Chutzpah Mansions falls into both camps), you can’t deny that the girl has looks and talent to spare, and we defy anyone to name a current recording artist who hasn’t been styled in some manner. Hell, even X Factor hopefuls spend two years in development before appearing on the show – allegedly.

Mary Portas (again) – Oh dear. Forced to apologise for recent comments on female cabinet ministers and the Duchess of Cornwall, citing that old “misquoted” chestnut, we can’t help but think that the currently over-exposed Ms Portas needs to be less in the limelight to save her grace.

Teflon Tories – More scandal in one year of power than in the entirety of the last government is quite an achievement, to still be in office is utterly terrifying. Now Conservative peers have given the green light to sell off the NHS, let’s hope that the public starts to recognise this complete shower’s true asset stripping colours. No doubt some other ‘scandal’ will bury the truly bad news.

Downton Abbey (ITV) – Boy, is this a let down. More granny knickers than a bodice-ripper, the ridiculous story lines, the bad farce throwaway lines, the fact that Matthew returns home from ‘the War’ every weekend like he’s working away and the distinct lack of passionate action and this series is becoming ever more like its French & Saunders sketch.

Stencilled Hair – The latest thing from New York, apparently. Looks like something a younger sister might inflict on her ‘Girl’s World’ before dyeing its hair with shoe polish and settng it on fire in an adolescent rage.

National Curry Week versus National Chocolate Week – Or, National Morbid Obesity Week as it’s known round our way. Really. Tsk.These old hat PR attempts to make something out of nothing.

Beyonce Bump-Gate – Seriously. WTF? Like a plot from tacky 1990s soap ‘Sunset Beach’.

The Steps Reunion – More proof that any old pony becomes ironically cool eventually, you can guarantee that we won’t be racing to the front of the O2 to hear, um…The One That Sounds A Bit Like ABBA or That One Where Tipsy Queens In Pink Cowboy Hats Get Up And Dance Like They’re Directing Traffic again.

The £3000+ Shoe– The trend for exotic skins and show piece-coveting dollar rich fashionistas desperate to be different pump the price of women’s footwear sky-high. Our advice is don’t believe the hype. Do you really want to look like a glitzy Russian Madame? Independent Knightsbridge stores thataway.

The Vuitton ‘Night Porter’ Cap – Appearing on a magazine cover near you soon. There’ll be a riot at the school gates if the Yummy Mummies start rocking these with their Sprouse scarves.

The Luxury Lab Digital IQ Survey – Yes, Burberry might tweet every look from their catwalk show, annoyingly clogging up your feed, and also market the latest fragrance via Facebook but (and it’s an exceedingly big BUT) the label still fails to have a two way conversation with its customer. More anti-social than social media, the company’s use of the digital realm as cheap advertising has been criticised in the past and is a talking point with professional bloggers who seem to be regarded as little more than ‘pushers’, yet little has changed. LuxuryLab may have awarded Burberry a “Genius” classification but we think there’s more than a little wool being pulled over certain eyes.  

Barometer compiled by Lee Clatworthy (@TeamChutzpah) and Katie Chutzpah. Let us know what you think of this week’s likes/dislikes in the comment box below. Thank you.

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