Damaris ‘Packs Heat’ with Liberty Ross short film.

by Katie on October 19, 2011

Fashion films are so commonplace nowadays that the collective sighs and yawns when another over-indulgent advert lands in our in-box at Chutzpah Mansions are deafening. When said film comes courtesy of our favourite spendy scants brand Damaris and acclaimed director Johnny Green we sit up and take notice.

Featuring British modelling royalty and burgeoning actress Liberty Ross, ‘Packing Heat’ owes much to the 1990 French thriller ‘Nikita’, Luc Besson’s tale of a beautiful teenage junkie turned assassin.

We see the film’s femme fatale arrive at a down-at-heel apartment where she wearily discards her clothes and washes away the detritus from her latest hit. In a series of flashbacks we see Ross, with a steely determination, shooting at an unseen target as bright clouds of pigment that mirror Damaris’ luscious coloured silks explode around her.

The concept of attractive women firing guns is ripe for cliché and exploitation yet Ross’s poignant performance brings a depth of emotion beyond the hinted subject matter, and asks far more questions than are answered.
The beauty of this film is that it is left open to interpretation, the only element beyond doubt being the perfection of the heroine’s super-flattering Damaris lingerie. Who knew that the trademark Damaris bow would make such an attractive gun holster?
If all contract killers were as captivating as Liberty Ross, men would surely be lining up to get shot.
Review by Lee Clatworthy (@TeamChutzpah) for Katie Chutzpah blog.

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