John Rocha’s Mythical Warriers for S/S’12

by Katie on October 11, 2011

I’m going to be honest from the outset – this John Rocha show didn’t grab me when usually I’m blown away by John’s ‘quiet man’ of fashion approach and his constant and consistent attention to detail and intricacy that makes works of art of his clothes and renders them collectors pieces.

Inspired by mythical warriors and woodland creatures, this mainly monochrome collection showed a continuation of his exploration into beauty and form.  He worked on his strengths and put women as strong characters as the centre point – always a good start.  Rocha played on his trademark mix of the fragile and the bold to create a tough romanticism.  He created a strong silhouette in his structural pieces shown to effect with model, Abbey Lee Kershaw’s opening appearance in a sculptured raffia dress and continued to show a legion of models in Mohican architectured headdresses to make heavy a point in the connection to nature and the American Mid West.  The muted colour scheme also laboured this point which is a pity as it appeared that the audience were awaiting a ‘big moment’ that never really arrived.

Layered organza skirts breathed beauty as did strip leather and crochet work dresses and a host of chiffon layered tops but this is a collection that needs closer inspection and will no doubt show its complexity close-up instead of the haloed light of the catwalk.  Creative genius and true craftsmanship deserves to be seen in the cold light of day.

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