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by Katie on November 5, 2011

A light hearted look back over the past week’s good, bad and indifferent including the “don’t even go there’s”.
Dolce & Gabbana’s Limited Edition Ruby Collection  Released in time for Christmas and so beautiful it hurts, it’s just what every vintage crazy girl needs in her handbag.  Another stunning release from Signors Dolce & Gabbana that highlights their attention to detail. The fiery and festive ruby red jewel is the inspiration behind the unique colour story; a range from deep, pulsating carmine, to bright, incandescent cerise for the Classic Cream Lipsticks. The huge jewel in the crown is the ‘Femme Fatale’ eyshadow quad with its subtle smokey shades that perfectly accentuate the lips of Dolce & Gabbana’s scarlet woman. No wonder the face of the make-up brand is Scarlett Johansson. The Classic Cream Lipsticks (£27.00) and the Eyeshadow Quad (£48.00) are available exclusively at Harrods from November 2011.

Aquascutum’s Womenswear Collection for S/S’12 – Boy, does new creative director Joanna Sykes do chic. This collection is more than special. In one season, Sykes’ ability to marry British reserve with European understated luxe, has shown she has the talent and creative ability to knock spots off competitors and step up to the mark to rival Phoebe, Stella and even Mr Vevers. The fabric pairings, the detailing, the subtle quirks in design and form, show this lady is making her mark on the global stage, super fast. Oh, to wear the short biker Mac with the lace detail, razor sharp trousers. *sigh*

Toni & Guy – Who never fail to deliver and to impress with a no nonsense, on the level team of creative stylists on hand throughout their salons. They make a quick trim and re-style a delight with no sense of nervous anticipation while in their trusty hands. A true fashion stalwart.  Cheers to them!

OPI’s Spring ’12 range inspired by Holland – Now, the team at OPI are renowned for their out-there varnish names and their offbeat inspiration and for Spring, those crazy Yanks at OPI have traversed the continent to the flat country (no, not Norfolk), Holland. Names like ‘Thanks a Windmillion’, ‘A Roll in the Hague’ and ‘Vampsterdam’ (the fashion crew’s favourite) are inspired and the colours are equally as fetching. Just a shame they didn’t play the ‘Van der Valk’ theme tune at the launch.

Matthew’s recovery in ‘Downton Abbey’ – By Jove! He’s got it back!

‘Skyfall’ – Bond 23 goes into production with the inevitable announcement that Tom Ford will be dressing 007. Let’s hope that there’s a return to the freakish henchmen, gratuitous Bond girls, gadgets, and a theme tune we can all hum too.

Harrods Christmas windows – “Winter Wonderland” can be such a cliché – and then there’s Harrods’ Swarovski-scattered woodland scene featuring a traffic-halting £230,000 dress designed by Ralph & Russo. Decadent, magical, and very, VERY Harrods.

Chanel’s digital colouring book – Allegedly for kids, but completely addictive. The most stylish way to avoid writing that presentation.

Sveta Sotnikova – London College of Fashion graduate Sotnikova’s final degree collection is insanely exciting, mixing David Koma-style bodycon with a dark, H. R. Geiger-esque edge. The Future.

Another Fashion Smackdown – This time courtesy of Donatella Versace, who says of Roberto Cavalli I think that to do a collection — how do you say — as an homage to Versace, this is fine. But when you do a lot of collections as an homage to Versace — why? What’s the point?” You have to wonder why it took her so long?

Visionaire 61 – Big is beautiful, as envelope-pushing fashion tome Visionaire prove with their Larger Than Life issue (yes, Gaga is on the cover, but we’re okay as long as we can’t hear her).

Diana Ross ‘The Greatest’ – An understatement, frankly. This exhaustive trawl through Miss Ross’s back catalogue features a track listing compiled by the lady herself. Available from Monday 7th November.
The new Faberge campaign – The Russian royal family’s jewellers x Mario Testino + Carine Roitfeld = HIGH EXPECTATIONS.
‘Truth or Dare’ –  Now ‘Truth or Dare’ may have been her greatest cinematic moment but it’s really quite a shonky name for Madge’s lifestyle brand and that’s our quibble. Meanwhile, we’re eagerly awaiting the release of her perfume with bigwigs Coty at the helm who have huge names like Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs and Vivienne Westwood in their stable. Described as a unique blend of narcotic florals, balanced with addictive woods and vanilla, its bound to get everyone talking. Expect huge amounts of media attributed to the ad campaign where she’ll be featured in a global print, television, and online marketing campaign produced in collaboration with Fabien Baron of Baron & Baron who she’s worked with on many projects including her 1992 book, “Sex”.

11/11/11 – The beginning of the end of the world, apparently. Best not buy any Christmas presents just yet then.

Primark menswear at Selfridges – Harry Selfridge will be spinning in his grave. Why not put a Claire’s Accessories in there and be done with it?

Kim Kardashian’s wedding/divorce – Same-sex unions are still a flashpoint topic in certain American states, yet this country celebrates dead-eyed moral vacuums like Ms. Kardashian, and her apparent venality and disregard for the sanctity of marriage. Let’s hope that everyone forgets about her once the annulment is announced. Fat chance.

Liz Jones – The acceptable (lifted) face of media mental illness as near dammit. It’s far too easy to criticise Liz, but let’s not forget that she’s being paid for her “unique” column-as-controversial-confessional shtick for what feels like forever. However, this week she crossed the line with her tale of self-insemination, marking a fresh low in wrongness.

The Boots Christmas campaign – We may love you, Boots, and your No.7 range is sublime but really, there go the girls – AGAIN, in what feels like a ‘Charlie’s Angels’-themed tribute to those Marks & Sparks Twiggy ads which were universally despised. By the way, ad men at once-upon-a-time, hot ad agency ‘Mother’ who devised the ad – men actually shop in your store too, you know.
Diane von Furstenberg and – DvF teams up with dating site to offer their subscribers advice on romance, mostly centred on the concept that wearing her new fragrance will get them more sex. Cynical? US? We love you Diane, we’re putting this down to bad advice. Try not to let it happen again.
The Prada Mountain Capsule Collection – Think about the detritus that the average standard leather handbag attracts? Now imagine cleaning this off your Prada fur tote. Breaks your stony heart doesn’t it?

Dept stores and brands that invite you to (non) events that are actually customer shopping evenings – Not dissing customer shopping events and the need for promo sales during a recession but really, PR folks, building up an event with false promises, sending out last minute invitations and creating a ‘get here quick’ feel (when want you want is rentacrowd), it’s more than a little annoying to high tail it across town from another event at your own expense to what’s little more than promo girls/guys handing out mini sweets/drinks while people rush past you with shopping. Special. Not. Conned. Yes.

The inevitable Giulia Sarkozy/Suri Cruise fash-off – There must be an Internet countdown clock somewhere set to the moment when those magazines you ignore at the supermarket checkout start breathlessly reporting Giulia Sarkozy’s wardrobe. We’re hoping that Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni’s firstborn rebels in spectacular fashion by wearing a burqa.
The Harper’s Bazaar best-dressed list – We’d be on this list too if we had A-list designers throwing free clothes in our direction. From Kate Middleton to Florence Welch to the inevitable and predictably ubiquitous Alexa, we could’ve written this list in our sleep. Compare and contrast to Debbie Harry, the winner of Cosmopolitan’s Ultimate Icon award. Ballsy and uncompromising, Debbie captivated us in little more than a T-shirt, and we sincerely doubt honking clothes horse Florence will be troubling us in 35 years time.
Barometer compiled by Lee Clatworthy (@TeamChutzpah) and Katie Chutzpah. Let us know what you think of this week’s choices in the comment box below. Thanks.

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