Chutzpah’s Weekly Barometer

by Katie on December 18, 2011

A light hearted look back over the past week’s good, bad and indifferent including the “don’t even go there’s”.
‘L.A.dy Dior’ – Fashion films come of age as ‘Hedwig’ and ‘Shortbus’ creator John Cameron Mitchell directs Oscar winner Marion Cotillard as an actress on the edge in this amusing ad for the Parisian house’s Lady Dior bag.
Agyness Deyne’s New York loft – Aggy’s kind-of-genius and somewhat kitschy approach to interior design makes us wish we had $2.5m lying around so we could snap up this des-res in the achingly hip Williamsburg quarter.

Designer cup holders – Normally we would rail against something so pointless, but beautifully timed for those of us at meltdown point thanks to Christmas shopping for the girlfriend or mother who has everything. Sassy snakeskin at Jimmy Choo at Net-a-Porter) or upcycled offcuts at Hermes – why shouldn’t your skinny latte be as well dressed as you are?

Self-cleaning fabric – Freshening up on contact with sunlight, this miraculous invention really can’t come soon enough for our liking. Here comes the science bit – the secret’s in the Titanium Dioxide.

Beauty Seen PR’s Christmas Card And what a glam bunch of sensational PRs. Love this agency. Always a pleasure to deal with.

Chanel trainers – Be the envy of all the other kids in their pumped-up kicks next Spring in these hot hi-tops courtesy of Kaiser Karl.
Prada Spring/Summer 2012 campaign – Steven Meisel’s gorgeous, colour-drenched images have an almost Technicolor Powell & Pressburger allure and are a touch more grown-up than the Prada of late, thankfully. 10/10.
Lomography La Sardina Quadrat camera – Lomography’s wacky dogtooth check camera and flash is the ideal present for those younger relatives with arty leanings.

Sarah Lund in The Killing II – She ‘kicks ass’ as they say in the U.S of A.

The Kim Dress from Ingenue London –  A pretty sugar coated pastel treat available in January priced at £126. Just say aah!   

The Downton vs. ‘Stenders Christmas Day debacle – ITV’s historical drama heavyweight goes up against this year’s standard Albert Square misery-fest in the scheduling clash of the season. Boo hiss.  Ha! That’ll teach you. Now you’ll have this annoying ad theme tune in your head all day with the mental image of a big scary  pigeon on a bike wearing a  crash helmet. *evil cackle*

Alexandra Burke’s watches for Argos – The ‘X Factor’ winner joins Dagenham Stacey down the shallow end of the high street flogging blingy plastic timepieces for catalogue chain Argos.

Billionaire Girls Club – Pharrell Williams’ sister label to his Ice Cream and Billionaire Boys Club collections screams sorority girl fantasies, and makes us wish the N*E*R*D pin-up and super-producer would go back to making decent records instead.

Clements Ribeiro’s cashmere Christmas stockings – As unemployment edges ever higher, and families cut back on their spending, we’re wondering what sort of Sunday supplement Fulham yummy mummy parody would give house-room to these overpriced Xmas decorations? And, Kirstie Allsopp doesn’t count…she’d make them herself.

Clompy shoes – We’re banishing these ghastly Goth monstrosities until fashion ends its fascination with the deliberately ugly or Gaga…which is often the same, sadly.
Meg Mathews and dwell – What is it with ’90s indie hangers-on who hit middle-age and think they can become designers? Modernist furniture retailer dwell must’ve missed those pictures of the acid trip torment of Supernova Heights’ interior.

Simon Preen – His Stringfellows-stripper-crossed-with-Camden-Market-casualty style may have found favour with theatrical wailer Jessie J but, seriously, you wouldn’t want your daughter walking the streets in it now would you?

David Cameron’s plan to police poorer families – £448m to tackle “problem” families, with another £675m to be provided by already over-stretched local councils, yet households on the poverty line without antisocial behaviour issues, substance dependencies, or mental health problems will have to make do as grassroots services continue to be cut. Another frightening insight into Cameron’s rather Victorian opinion of the “voting” classes.

The endless “Get Pippa Middleton’s look” articles and emails – Note to PRs and editors; “Girl wears clothes” isn’t a story. Try us with somebody actually famous for their achievements in some decent threads and you might get our attention. 

Mary Portas’s high street report – This thinly-veiled extension of Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ may be a PR triumph for both David Cameron and Mary Portas but is based on cloud cuckoo economics, managing to ignore the core Government policies which have led to a record unemployment, a resultant downturn in spending on the high street as well as cutbacks in civic amenities, such as parking and toilets, as well as local policing, all of which add up to less attractive metropolitan shopping centres. We’ll be reading the report from cover to cover, and will let you know our full verdict on Mary’s recommendations soon.

Let us know what you think of this week’s Barometer compiled by Lee Clatworthy (@TeamChutzpah) and Katie Chutzpah by leaving a comment in the box below. Thank you.
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britishbeautyblogger December 18, 2011 at 3:20 pm

love this week’s barometer.. but you’ve made me want a designer cup holder. damn.


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