Chutzpah’s Weekly Barometer

by Katie on December 12, 2011

A light hearted look back over the past week’s good, bad and indifferent including the “don’t even go there’s”.

‘Catwalking’ at the King’s Place GallerySo much a part of LFW that catwalk photographer Chris Moore is recognised by everyone. Dubbed “King of the Catwalk”, Chris celebrates his 43 year old career in fashion by delving into his archive for a retrospective of his remarkable career. Until 10th February 2012.

Wolford’s Cashmere Silk Tights – The winds are now biting around our ankles and its time to woman-up and invest in some luxurious tights that look fabulous but keep you warm and toasty. The cashmere and silk tights by Wolford are the ultimate in glamour and comfort. An investment purchase at £115. Not to be treated carelessly!

Goldfrapp ‘The Singles’ – A collection charting the marvellous Miss Goldfrapp’s career to date, from breakthrough album ‘Felt Mountain’ to new single ‘Yellow Halo’. Available February 6th2012, but you can watch the video to ‘Yellow Halo’ HERE

Sample sales – December can only mean one thing: Sample Sales. A super-sweet payoff for a year of standing around waiting for events to happen, the ubiquitous sickly pink drinks, and surly security.

Basso & Brooke Edition sweatshirts – It’s finally happened, and printmeisters Basso & Brooke’s foray into menswear doesn’t disappoint. Team Chutzpah needs one of each in his size immediately.

‘On Perfume Making’ by Frederick Malle – High-end niche perfumier Frederick Malle takes us behind the velvet curtain of his 10 year-old company in this in-depth account of the fragrance industry, beautifully illustrated by Greek multimedia artist Konstantin Kakanias. Published Spring 2012. Katie can’t wait for this one.
Counterfeat by London Printworks Trust– The not-for-profit specialist textile printing resource fights back against cuts in its funding through an ingenious series of limited edition “Art Notes” produced in collaboration with a number of high-profile artists and designers, such as Jonathan Saunders, Eley Kishimoto, and Holly Fulton.

Paul Yacomine’s Micro Re-Start Shampoo & Conditioner – A detox system of ‘once a month’ shampoo & conditioner staples that strips hair of product build-up and leave it gleaming. The formulas have a lower molecular weight than commonly used proteins and offer greater penetration of the hair mass, thus achieving unparalleled repair, moisture balance and greater elasticity. Priced at £16 and £17 respectively from Beauty Works West.

The Bianchi by Gucci bicycle collection – Yes, we wrote off the Fiat 500 with its naff Gucci livery but this range of bikes, manufactured in partnership with cycle specialist Bianchi, is a thing of beauty.

Krug Happiness exhibition at the Royal Academy – Launching with a champagne-soaked, star-studded party hosted by curator and fashion icon Lady Amanda Harlech, this collection of one-off works by arts patrons such as David Bailey, Manolo Blahnik, and Vivienne Westwood, in support of the Royal Academy Schools, promises to put a smile on everyone’s face. Runs until 20th December 2011.

Clinique and Great Ormond Street Hospital – Once again skincare specialist Clinique partners with the children’s’ hospital in support of their ‘Kiss It Better’ campaign. A gift set featuring exclusive products and a limited edition Kiss It Better keyring will be available online and from House of Fraser stores throughout February.

Tangerine Tango – Christened THE colour of 2012 by pigment specialists Pantone, yet looking decidedly old hat already as early adopters who saw deep orange coming a mile off yawn and move on to a shade a little less chipshop.

Clark’s ‘Rock Royalty’ collection – British footwear institution Clark’s needlessly fugly-up the iconic desert boot, rendering it gimmicky and unwearable for anyone with working eyes. Clarks, diversify at your own risk.

Hangovers – ‘Tis the season to be jolly, and as our calendars fill up so does our medicine cabinets. You’d think we’d all be wiser to it by now wouldn’t you?

Nativities – Yes, well done, we’re so glad you managed to procreate but we’d rather not listen to you banging on about your little prince/princess’s starring role in their school’s Christmas production, thank you very much. Le Grinch.

Online Fashion Week – More hard sell than haute couture as retailers up and down the country try to prise more money out of us in the run-up to Christmas. Nice try guys but we’ll wait until there’s a decent discount in 3 weeks time.

Marni for H&M – Okay, here’s where we start to sound like snobs BUT Marni was a label fairly unknown amongst civilians until this collaboration was announced, and we’d like to have kept it that way. Is nothing sacred?

False modesty – Porno pudding wallah Nigella Lawson maintains that she’s “never done double entendre in (her) life”. Straight men everywhere who watch her grubby gastro-porn with their tongues hanging out beg to differ.

The Olympics – As the European economy plummets, security costs soar, and the National Audit Office highlights overspending and failures in the infrastructure and transport systems, we can’t help but wonder if this is such a good idea after all? Even the promise of a good old rave-up from opening ceremony organiser Danny Boyle and Underworld is leaving us cold. And don’t get us started on the traffic congestion and gridlock…

Diva Fever – Tacky ‘X Factor’ failures Diva Fever, determined to flog the corpse of their 15 minutes, team up with Chicago Town Pizza to record a suitably Italian spin on that hoary old chestnut ‘Don’t Stop Believing’, “hilariously” titled ‘Don’t Stop A-Cheesing’. The epitome of pointless.

The Cameron’s official Christmas card – By the time you read this I’m sure there’ll be acres of print devoted to this decidedly odd image, one which makes you wonder what sort of messages our Prime Minister wishes to send out to the rest of the world. Avoiding the customary staid portrait of a politician and his adoring family, this photograph (taken with someone else’s children at a street party for Wills and Kate’s wedding), with its sinister jingoistic subtext and audaciously unfestive mood, suggests two things; 1.That Cameron think it’s okay to use his family, the general public, and landmark UK events in order to force his personal political message, and that 2.The message itself, defiantly British in the face of current allegations of isolationist policies, merely reinforces our fears that Cameron’s inherited more than a touch of Margaret Thatcher’s imperial self-importance. This lad’s not for turning. Whether you respect the courage of his convictions or not, you still have to wonder if a family Christmas card is the best platform for them?

Please let us know what you think of this week’s Barometer compiled by Lee Clatworthy (@TeamChutzpah) and Katie Chutzpah.

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